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Keene on pumpkins (updated)


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… State and local safety officials are working to defuse what she called “the situation” .×350.jpg


“There were about 4,000 kids in this backyard and it almost felt like a war zone,” said Ellery Murray, a sophomore at Keene State. “People were just throwing everything they could find — rocks, skateboards, buckets, pumpkins. It was actually kind of scary.”

“[Police] were wearing shields and knee-pads and had all these dogs herding people out of the yard into the street,” said Murray…..

Murray said many at the party were students from surrounding schools, including the University of New Hampshire, the University of Rhode Island, and the University of Massachusetts.

Murray said there were disturbances at Pumpkin Festival before, “but it wasn’t crazy like this last year. People just got too drunk.”

“Incidents in the city, not on Keene State’s campus, subsided overnight but began to increase again by mid-afternoon on Saturday,” the statement said. “One large assembly on Winchester Street drew multiple responses from Keene Police on Saturday afternoon.”


“Over the past few days, a large number of out-of-town visitors have come to Keene for the Keene Pumpkin Festival. Subsequently, during the course of the evening on Friday, off-campus gatherings associated with the Keene Pumpkin Festival escalated at a number of locations around the city,” Kelly Ricaurte wrote in a statement provided to the Boston Globe.

“Incidents in the city, not on Keene State’s campus, subsided overnight but began to increase again by mid-afternoon on Saturday. One large assembly on Winchester Street drew multiple responses from Keene Police on Saturday afternoon.”

Witnesses said police deployed tear gas and pepper spray to disperse a large crowd on the Keene State University campus in New Hampshire Saturday afternoon.”

[Last night], Keene’s police department was lampooned on both the Colbert Report … and Late Night with Jon Oliver … after citing the town’s annual Pumpkin Fest as one reason it needed a surplus $286,000 armored vehicle from the Pentagon. [link includes many short Instagram videos and still photos]

Charlie Bown (1:22)

Dec 8 2012 – Keene, New Hampshire police receive a free Homeland Security Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck.

“I was in Keene this afternoon and met with our public safety officials and visited the medical tent and other volunteers,” wrote Gov. Maggie Hassan in a statement. “We will continue to monitor the situation and provide any assistance necessary to Keene.”

The annual Keene Pumpkin Festival is being held nearby. According to the school, the large number of visitors contributed to the incident. 


[Hassan, the “Live Free or Die” link to the Clinton camp, is also closely linked to a major in-state and leading national political leadership incubator; her husband is the Principal at Phillips Exeter Academy which spawned (in alphabetical order) James Phinney Baxter, Willow Bay, L. Paul Bremer, George 41, George 43 and Jeb Bush, John Murray Forbes, Chris Hughes (co-founder of Facebook), John-John Kennedy, I. L. “Scooter” Libby, Vance McCormick, Scott Mead (former partner and managing director of Goldman Sachs), Barry McCaffrey, Marvin Minsky, Henry Stimson, William Davis Taylor (Boston Globe), Dick Wolf (producer of Law and Order), Phillip Wrigley of chewing gum fame, and Tachi Yamada, president of the Global Health Program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

[This fellow got thrown out.]




Now, it should be noted that the author of this blog has a good degree of fondness for Keene. As a student at the University of Massachusetts, I too stole a march upriver when my father refused permission for me and that lady who invited me to marry her to get married; state laws in the state that gave us Major General John Stark are a little more free. (Once could say liberal, but one would be making a mistake linking liberalism with New Hampshire, at least up until the great spillover from Taxachusetts.) We found ourselves a reverend at the pretty white Congregational church at the top of the common and the only music we had to face was the organist when we were requested to have a second Catholic ceremony by her parents. 


I didn’t return to Keene until decades later, long after that marriage was history too; I went to see David Ray Griffin speak and got to ask him about the evil in that event with the planes and the towers.

I also got to meet a couple of Free Staters over after-speech pizza, one the publicist for the author of the Sacred NonAggression Principle ( the SNaP principle); I bought a copy for $5 and a promise to write a review of it.

Lew Rockwell from the Mises Institute referred to the city of Keene, New Hampshire as “the northern capital of libertarianism”.[38] 

But I don’t think the events in Keene had anything to do with FreeStaters, although the locals and some of the cops have been carefully dancing with legal confrontations over a number of ideas, including laws pertaining to firearms. New Hampshire laws are pretty free on that matter too.


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The Keene Activity Center (KAC) is a place where (mostly) young libertarians and anarchists in Keene, New Hampshire congregate to talk philosophy, plan activism (including civil disobedience), and generally relax and socialize. Apparently the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been trying very, very hard to infiltrate the KAC, judging from this account of the arrest of one of the club’s members, Rich Paul, on marijuana charges.

Paul is going on trial for petty marijuana distribution offenses pursuant to testimony by an undercover FBI informant. It looks as if the trial is on state charges, but what’s interesting and disturbing is the interest the federal government has taken in the case. FBI agent Phillip Christiana apparently tried to pressure Paul into wearing a wire into the KAC and luring people into pot transactions, offering him immunity from prosecution in exchange. Follow the link to read more about how the FBI agent tried to coerce and trick Paul into waiving his right to counsel.

Here are some questions the FBI ought to answer, that is, if they were in any way accountable to those of us who are paying their salaries under duress:

1Why is the FBI taking such a keen interest in these small-scale marijuana offenses?

2Is the FBI targeting Keene libertarians, anarchists, and “voluntaryists” for their political views?

3Does the FBI countenance or authorize the deceptive and coercive interrogation tactics reportedly used by this agent?   ….” 

I’m scratching the surface here, folks; there’s lots more on the world wide system of tubes. 

And there’s a history of similar events that will shed some light on this one. 

“… UMass Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy said in a statement Sunday it is “unequivocally clear that the University of Massachusetts Amherst condemns the outrageous behavior of those students who acted out without any regard for public safety and the community in which they live.”

The size and scope of the gatherings have led to violence and fights, injuries, severe alcohol intoxication, sexual assaults, excessive noise, property damage, and violence toward the police and community members, police said.

Most of the arrests came at an off-campus apartment complex, where large crowds began gathering Saturday morning for the annual event, which was started by bars to allow the students to celebrate the holiday before their spring break begins this week.

Police from the city, university and state troopers in riot gear converged on a crowd of about 4,000 people at an apartment complex shortly after noon, police said.

Authorities said there were acts of destruction of property and, as officers began to disperse the crowd, they were pelted with glass bottles, beer cans and snowballs.

After quieting the disturbance at the apartment complex, several thousand people assembled near a frat house. That gathering became dangerous and out of control, officials said, and when officers tried to clear the crowd they again faced people throwing bottles, rocks, cans and snowballs.

Police say pepper spray was used to disperse the crowd because of the size and “assaultive behavior.”

Three officers were hurt when they were hit by bottles and one was injured while attempting to make an arrest, Gundersen said. None of the injuries required serious treatment.

Police say charges ranged from inciting to riot and failing to disperse to disorderly conduct, liquor law violations and assault and battery on officers. They said early Sunday some of those arrested had been released on bail, while others were held, depending on charges.

The university had warned students earlier this week that police would have an increased presence around town Saturday, especially after several people were arrested at last year’s “Blarney Blowout.” Letters were also sent directly to students disciplined in the last year for alcohol-related misconduct.

Amherst Capt. Christopher Pronovost described the day as “mayhem” to the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

“This can’t be in any way, shape or form be characterized as a party,” he said. “This is destruction of property (and) assaultive behavior.”

Collecting bottles and cans around the scene of the mayhem Saturday night, Amherst resident Raul Colon told the Gazette that the day’s events looked like “a revolution, like in the countries that have revolutions between the students and the government.”….”

This was history, so there’s lots more about this and similar events inside your search engine. 

See also×340.jpg 

I don’t see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there’s not a sign of hypocrisy. 


Orange you disappointed you missed it?


Note the linked article and the comments, an interesting discussion about the meaning of the Keene incident….

“… the size and force of this one was striking, and brings to mind the thought that America is moving towards increasingly anarchistic anger….”


From one of the comments:

“… This writer can aver with some confidence that the goings on in Keene, or anywhere else in New Hampshire, has little or no relevance to the real life struggles of the majority of Americans struggling to get by.”

Welcome Home, Wayne Madsen

Wayne Madsen (Washington) 

Had a less than warm welcome by CBP [US US Customs and Border Patrol] at Boston Logan on return flight. A nasty bit of malware that I managed to get off my travel computer before leaving for Iran returned after CPD took a look at my computer (they also grabbed my iPhone for 10 minutes). These are Ben Gurion Airport procedures now being carried out at least at Logan. I was grilled for an hour — the agents were all tipped off in advance as soon as I hit the first Immigration check. The power of the Israel Lobby and that pathetic addle-brained gimp Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL). Having a half-wit stroke victim as their spokesman seems so apt for AIPAC but also cruel to someone who probably can’t write his own name except when AIPAC uses his signature machine on their Kirk “letters to colleagues.” Still stuck in Boston but back home later today. 

Music video: (5:28)

October 5-6, 2014 — Boston (WayneMadsenReport) — 

Email to Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL)

The following email was sent to Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk after he launched a diatribe against the editor on his Senate website. Kirk was responding to the New Horizon conference in Tehran where I was invited to speak and participate.

Kirk stated: “The conference’s participants promoted anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, and Holocaust denial, and were even greeted on day one by high-ranking Iranian cleric Mohsen Ghomi, a close adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who falsely alleged that ‘American officials are puppets of the Zionist lobby.'”

Members of Congress only read and reply to constituents’ email. If any of our Illinois members wish to resend this to Kirk’s office, there is a greater possibility of his reading and replying to this.

“I reject totally Senator Kirk’s insinuation that my attendance at the New Horizon conference in Tehran was a disloyal act and anti-American. As a veteran US Navy officer, I’ll stand up my 10-year active service to his Naval Reserve service any day of the week. What is anti-American is Senator Kirk’s sycophantic support for Israel even when that support runs counter to the national and economic security of the United States. But as one of AIPAC’s largest recipients of campaign funds, it’s easy to see why the Senator sells out American interests to those of Israel.

I also wonder what Sen. Kirk has done to inquire as to the whereabouts of retired FBI agent Robert Levinson, America’s longest-held hostage who disappeared in Iran in 2007? Senator Kirk helped botch my entreaties in Iran that were made to help find and return him to his family in Florida. Please have Mr. Kirk call Mrs. Levinson in Florida and tell her that he put a journalist (me) in jeopardy who was using his good offices in Iran to help find her husband. Also ask her the faith of her husband. ‘Anti-Semitic’ and ‘Holocaust denial’ Senator Kirk bleats about all the conference participants? That was a dishonest polemic and he knows it.”

Perhaps Kirk is still smarting over this WMR revelation published on May 24, 2010:

“Giannoulias’s GOP opponent, U.S. Representative Mark Kirk, a Naval Reserve intelligence officer, has also been identified as a closeted gay man. Kirk divorced his wife last year after an eight-year marriage. They had no children.

Perhaps Senator Kirk’s Illinois constituents may want to ask the Senator when he is “coming out” in order to eliminate the obvious blackmail threat.

Closeted gay senators and representatives and their puppetry for AIPAC and the ADL appear to go together like lox and bagels. Want sexual blackmail along with that bagel Senator Kirk? 




October 6-7, 2014 — Commentary: Returning to the ZOG

After the Israeli and Jewish media in the United States launched a vicious attack on the speakers invited to speak at the New Horizons conference in Tehran, many of the foreign speakers discussed what sort of reception they would received when they returned to their home countries. The American speakers, including this editor, were attacked for disloyalty in a press release issued by Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL). Kirk stated that “the conference’s participants promoted anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, and Holocaust denial.” The Washington Free Beacon, a website connected to neocon William Kristol, raised “concerns about how these citizens were permitted to travel to and from the unfriendly country.”

In fact, the Iranian Interests Section of the Pakistani embassy, located on Wisconsin Avenue, does a brisk business in issuing visas for Americans to travel to Iran, a nation that lacks diplomatic relations with the United States. As for “unfriendly,” Iran is anything but and it extended a warm welcome to every American who was invited to speak at the Tehran conference that covered issues from Palestine to ISIL.

Upon the editor’s return to the United States from Iran on a flight from Dubai to Boston Logan, the anticipated “reception” by the Israeli-infused Department of Homeland Security and its component Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) divisions was the sum of all fears. When I handed my passport and customs declaration to the first agent, she asked about the purpose of my trip to Iran. After I told her that I was invited to speak at an international conference in Tehran and that I was a journalist, she barked into her radio, “Escort needed on 10.” I was in line ten. After collecting my luggage, I was sent by a few red-faced agents bearing their unmistakable bar room “tans” common among the middle-aged male population of Boston to an agent who bore an amazing resemblance to “Cliff,” the postal letter carrier who was always planted on a bar stool and swilling beer in “Cheers.”

“Cliff,” we’ll call him, then subjected me to a battery of intrusive questions that I have not experienced upon returning to the United States in 40 years of foreign travel. At first, Cliff was the “good cop,” inquiring as to how many books I had written, but the questioning then widened to include the names of the other Americans in Tehran. Of course, all of the names had appeared in a press release by the always-defamatory executive director of the Anti-Defamation League Abe Foxman along with a barrage of polemics by Foxman calling the Americans in attendance “anti-Israeli activists, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists, and holocaust deniers.” Journalist Gareth Porter was even singled out as a “Cambodian genocide denier,” which was news to this editor who has long been familiar with the work of the one-time Vietnam War correspondent.

Editor receives award from New Horizons conference. At left is the thoroughly-charming and witty Islamic eschatology expert Shaikh Imran Hosein, who is originally from Trinidad and Tobago and who formerly presided over a mosque in Brooklyn. After 9/11, he asked for his congregation to pray unanimously for the perpetrators of 9/11 to be brought to justice. He then issued a call for Brooklyn’s rabbis to follow suit with their own congregations. They refused. Hosein said the Prophet Mohammed foresaw a future alliance between Islam and “Rome” (in those days, the Muslims called the Church in Byzantium “Rome”) that would fight to liberate Constantinople from the hordes of evil. It was the Ottomans who changed the name of Constantinople to Istanbul. Hosein says that if the Prophet called the city Constantinople, it was heresy for the Ottomans to change the name. Hosein said that the Koran predicts an Islamo-Christian alliance that will seize back the city from the Turks, the heirs of the Ottomans and restore the Eastern Christian Pope to his rightful place in the Hagia Sophia Cathedral, turned into a mosque by the Ottoman Sultan. The shaikh’s interpretation of the Koran fit in nicely with this editor’s explanation about the Turkish crypto-Jewish Sabbateans (or Donmeh) and the Wahhabists and Saud adherents being in the service of Talmudists, British Foreign Office agents, and later, Zionists. The discussion in Tehran had direct bearing on the Turkish, Israeli, Saudi, and CIA support for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) today. It’s only too bad that the State Department didn’t send some attendees to receive an important education about Middle Eastern history without the Zionist and neocon imprimatur.

The Americans’ participation in the conference was even the subject of an October 2 exchange at the State Department between a reporter and department spokesperson Jen Psaki:

QUESTION: But have you seen this conference that the Iranians are putting on right now which is all about how Israel and the CIA conspired to – for 9/11 and all this —

MS. PSAKI: I have not seen reports of this conference. Where is the conference?

QUESTION: It’s in Tehran, I think. But there’s —

MS. PSAKI: Okay.

QUESTION: I’m just wondering if you guys had any —

MS. PSAKI: We will look into that.

QUESTION: — thoughts about this. I mean, it’s sponsored by the government, clearly, so it – the Iranian Government. So it’s —

Cliff wanted to know the name of the travel agency that the New Horizons Iranian NGO used to book the flights. Lacking a piece of paper with the name, I showed him the itinerary in an email on my iPhone. He jotted it down. After telling me to wait, Cliff disappeared behind a locked door only to emerge again. Cliff asked,”Gee, my eyesight in so poor, I don’t think I got the phone number of the travel agency right.” I offered him a pen to write it down again since he said he left his in the office. He said, “let me just borrow your phone to take it back to the office to write down the number.” Cliff was gone for about 15 minutes. It was clear that the contents of the phone were being uploaded to some government data vacuuming device. The only time something like that occurred with a computer in my possession was in 2002 at Ben Gurion Airport when an Israeli screener took my laptop away long enough to capture its hard drive content.

After more “small talk” from Cliff, I was permitted to repack my bags which Cliff had been kind enough to unpack, while leaving the contents all over an inspection table. However, some nicely-wrapped gifts I received from Iranian media organizations remained unwrapped by Cliff. As he escorted me to the exit, I asked him, “I still need my passport.” He replied, “Didn’t I give it back to you?” I said, “No.” He went back into the locked office and emerged in a a few minutes with the passport. That was no accident and there was a clear message that passports and the right to travel abroad can be imposed by the government on its citizenry at any time.

TSA’s calling card: ripped opened and damaged gifts. Ever wonder what American Gestapo agents would look like? In Boston, they are right off the set of “Cheers.”

After remaining in Boston over night, I checked my bag into the Jet Blue counter at Logan. After opening the bag upon returning home, every gift had been opened with the TSA placing a tape bearing “Transportation Security Administration” on one of the gift packages. A few plastic boxes containing dried fruits and dates had been smashed by TSA. It was a reminder of the framed photograph of President Kennedy and Indonesian President Sukarno that I brought back to America in 2011. Someone with TSA at Chicago O’Hare Airport decided it would be nice to gouge out Kennedy’s right temple with a knife. Kennedy was in a limousine after meeting Sukarno at Andrew Air Force Base. The president was in the same exact spot where he was sitting when he was assassinated in a carefully-contrived right-wing and Zionist coup d’etat on November 22, 1963.

Which brings us to the “ZOG.” When I first heard the term, which means “Zionist Occupation Government,” in 1999, I thought it was a silly polemic more in the domain of skin heads and KKK types. Based on what I experienced at Logan, the full court press for which Israelis at Ben Gurion and their contractors at Amsterdam’s Schiphol have become infamous, I can no longer dismiss the idea that America has fallen under the control of a ZOG. To be harassed at the airport after a concerted campaign of the ADL and Israel and their mouthpieces, including the Jerusalem Post, Washington Free Beacon, Times of Israel, Algemeiner, and other Zionist propaganda outlets, including, which couldn’t even get the story about the Tehran conference correct. The website falsely reported that British historian Alison Weir, Franch-Cameroonian comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala, and former Representative Mark Siljander (R-MI) were in attendance when they were not. Hopefully, BuzzFeed has learned its lesson from republishing press releases from the defamatory Anti-Defamation League of the infamous Jewish supremacist Abe Foxman.

The outcry from the Zionists and neocons over the Americans’ appearance in Tehran was reminiscent of the pressure put on Public Broadcasting System travelogue host Rick Steves when he visited Iran in 2011 to film an episode of his widely-acclaimed program. Steves, who, like Mark Twain, advocates travel as the best education one can receive, was harassed after visiting Iran by the same deep-pocketed Zionist pressure groups who belched forth their trademark polemics over the New Horizons conference.

So, if you don’t believe you live in a ZOG dictatorship, this is the first thing I saw after stepping off the passenger tram at Tampa International Airport:

When are we, together, going to defeat these occupying vermin and seize back our country, once and for all?





“After US Customs and Border Protection at Boston Logan “borrowed” my phone to retrieve a number on an email, I’ve discovered I still have Internet WiFI access to the free public network at Logan International Airport. The only problem is that I’m over a thousand miles away in Florida, which makes Logan Airport’s WiFi signal the strongest ever encountered.” 

He provides photographic evidence with photos of his phone (which I have not replicated here) and adds 

“Thanks to the revelations of National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower, the development by the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) of a system that can track smart phone and lap tops that use airport WiFi “hot spots,” and which was successfully tested at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and unspecified U.S. airports, now appears to be in full use at Boston Logan. The fact that this editor’s iPhone can still access the Boston airport’s WiFi from Tampa, Florida indicates that U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are now acting as NSA trojan horse software implanters of American citizens’ smart phone and lap tops.” 

 “Note the CSEC Top Secret slide’s reference to Akamai. Although Akamai is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and tries to hide its Israeli connections, much of its development work is carried out in Herzliya, Israel, where it maintains a large branch. Herzliya is the headquarters for the Mossad and Israel’s Unit 8200, NSA’s counterpart and partner.”

Project Unspeakable

Project Unspeakable 

to Be Staged in Kennebunk on October 3

A unique new performance play, “Project Unspeakable,” will be performed at The New School in Kennebunk, Maine on Friday, October 3 at 7 PM. It will be performed by volunteer readers at The New School, 38 York St. (Route One) in Kennebunk.

The play was inspired by James Douglass’ groundbreaking and meticulously researched book, “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters.” The book has sparked a widespread review of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and rekindled longstanding concerns. It will be performed by twelve volunteer readers, sometimes taking several parts.

A summary of the project—how it was born and why it was created— follows this announcement and is also available from

Project Unspeakable steering committee member Randy Kehler explained that the play is “an attempt, through the use of live theater, to uncover and bring to greater public awareness the essential truth about these assassinations, at least in broad brush form, so that there can finally be closure and healing.”

From an attendee at a performance in western Massachusetts: “I [came] away from the experience of participating in this play with renewed determination and hope that we may revive the hopes and dreams of these leaders.”

The performance is free, (donations welcome) with a discussion about the play to follow, ending about 9 PM. Volunteer readers are also invited to learn parts and participate. Volunteers can come to the school at 6 PM and will be assigned a part at that time. For more information, contact Randy Kehler, (413) 624-8858 or

Brief Summary of Project Unspeakable


In December 2012, James Douglass led a workshop at Rowe Camp & Conference Center that focused not only on the assassination of  JFK , but also of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy. Many who attended were led to ask: “What were these influential leaders doing and saying that made them such a threat to their assassins?”

A half-dozen of attendees were moved to consider how to communicate these questions and they came up with the idea of creating a play. Project Unspeakable was born and the first public readings were held on November 22, 2013, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK.

Project Unspeakable uses live theater to explore the “unspeakable” assassinations of President Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy, all within five years during the 1960’s.

Recent revelations about illegal NSA, covert U.S. military actions, and the CIA’s overthrowing of governments for 61 years, have led many people to question whether a quiet coup d’etat by a largely invisible ‘Shadow Government’ and their corporate allies has taken place. Former President Jimmy Carter recently stated, “America does not at the moment have a functioning democracy.”

The text of the Project Unspeakable script, created by the Project’s Artistic Director Court Dorsey, uses hundreds of direct, documented quotes …

For more, CONTACT: Randy Kehler, (413) 624-8858,