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Dismissed from the post of the head of Security Service of Ukraine, Valentyn Nalivaychenko can become the coordinator of the armed neo-Nazi underground from among organizations previously secretly overseen by the secret service. This was stated by the political analyst Simon Uralov:

“Peter Poroshenko removed from power one of the founders of the deranged racist battalions – a U.S. citizen, Nalivaychenko. Thus Poroshenko is trying to solve the issue of power. At the same time a strike of the battalions began. “Tornado” was the first one out. Next will be the “Right Sector” and other “Azov’s”. However, Poroshenko will not be able to solve the issue of power – there is no trust of the masses, nor a party of the like-minded, or ideology. Therefore an attempt to disarm the battalions will fail — they’ll just withdraw from Donbass and go deep into the former Ukraine. And on their basis a Euro-ISIS will be formed  — a mass of psycho-killers with racist views. And this process will be coordinated by the same U.S. citizen – Nalivaychenko. For this he doesn’t even have to be on the territory of former Ukraine”, — gave his forecast analyst Uralov. 


These #JadeHelm15 Vehicles Are Only Seen Right Before A False Flag Attack 


Andrew Korybko has put together a two-part examination of future US military strategy based on a speech given early last April by US Depty Secretary of Defense Robert Work. Korybko is a political correspondent and analyst who lives in Moscow and writes for a number of outlets, in this case ORIENTAL REVIEW.

The specific links: 

Robert Work, he notes, spoke about “US military strategy in Eurasia during a speech at the Army War College Strategy Conference on 8 April, revealing critical insight into the Pentagon’s formal approach to forthcoming conflicts. “

A critical element of this, he notes, is the “seamless integration between man and machine” which combines technological superiority with superbly-well-trained highly-skilled individuals. The US understands, says Korybko, that “it must keep its destabilization just short of the conventional threshold, opting instead for asymmetrical aggression in the form of economic subversion, Color Revolutions, and Unconventional Wars.”

Korybko focuses on Work’s notation of Frank Hofflan’s definition of hybrid warfare:

“Combat operations characterized by the simultaneous and adaptive employment of a complex combination of conventional weapons, irregular warfare, terrorism and criminal behavior to achieve political objectives.”

.. as well as non-linear warfare:

“Evolve[ing] from covert actions by special operations forces, to sustained unconventional combat waged under an umbrella of denial.  And then ultimately escalating to high-end force-on-force proxy warfare with the state actively involved in combat operations .”

& a 3rd military innovation of informationalized warfare:

“The combination of cyber, electronic warfare, information ops, deception and denial to disrupt our command and control to give the enemy an advantage in the decision cycle.”

Then there are the weapons that can “radically change the global strategic calculation”, DARPA’s work in man-machine hybrids, and this tasty tidbit:

“If we combine them (the squad) into well-trained, cohesive combat teams with new advances in robotics and autonomy and unmanned systems, three-play combat at the squad level, we can create super-empowered squads, super-empowered small units with enhanced situational awareness and lethality. DARPA’s Squad X program, among others, is working on a number of ideas right now to increase human and machine collaboration at the lowest tactical level, including ground robots, small micro-drones, and trying to figure out how to push the squad situational awareness and lethality out to a large, large battlespace area….  in the not-too-distant future, squads are going to operate with robotic support, sapper robots, counter-mine robots, counter-sniper robots.,,, we’ll go after the biometric signature of human beings.”

If you’re playing along on the home version of the Grand Global Hegemony game, you’ll want to read the full articles at the links above.


The above may or may not be relevant to all the commentary from numerous sources about Jade Helm or the discussions about the cognitive augmentation of warriors and agents recently previously here but watch this six-minute video that documents machine learning (via Charles Cameron at Zen Pundit) before you decide.

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