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In order “to understand where we are going as a country and what the worst case scenario for a civil war without limits will look like”, Mike Vanderboegh 

— a favored villain at the Southern Poverty Law Center, visible focal point and lightning rod for the Three Percenter movement and one of five panelists who participated in a sobering discussion via podcast entitled  What’s Next for the Liberty movement? — 

will be reading three books by a leading figure in the Yugoslavian resistance movement

The podcast was hosted by Samuel Culper (likely a pseudonym), author of SHTF Intelligence: An Intelligence Analysts’s Guide to Community Security (now on my desk) who recommended Joseph Martino’s book “Resistance to Tyranny” , now also on my desk, where they reverberate with the more historical pdf version of “Total Resistance”, a Swiss Army Guide Guerilla Warfare and Underground Operations

All these books are getting the attention of increasing numbers of people.

I’m sure the subject matter will be sneered at derisively by many in the stenographic media, rejected as preposterousness, magical thinking, or some form of tomfoolery, as exemplified by the use of the term ‘self-radicalization’.

But that in and of itself would be foolish, even if only handfuls of people are bloodied as examples.

Admitting that I have such information will draw attention from one or more organizations within the Federal government which repeatedly and increasingly identify the most severe threat as the ones coming from Americans who have “self-radicalized” (Newspeak for “awoken”, “read more deeply and broadly that the MSM”, and/or are disgusted with the fact that what was once perceived as a great nation has lost its moral compass and fallen into traps set by evil and foreign interests). 

For those who are unfamiliar with me and my background, let me state that I’ve had a long-standing interest in military tactics and strategy which has interplayed with a lot of reading and some simulation gaming. I rejected the opportunity extended to me in the mid-60’s for soldiering not because I didn’t want to get killed, but because I didn’t want to kill. I probably wouldn’t have survived long anyway. I’m no Rambo-in-waiting. 

I don’t own a firearm. I don’t train, or meet with, anyone.  I don’t practice.  Beyond some extra cans of veggies and some rice, I’m not a prepper.  

But that didn’t stop me from reading the military histories of the American Revolution, the American Civil War, and many more, or various versions of Sun Tzu.  It didn’t stop me from reading and annotating Sir B. H. Liddell-Hart’s book “Strategy” (on the art of the indirect approach), or about Boyd’s OODA Loop. 

I diverted from the pretend Army games into an interest in communciations, political science, and the art and science of saving lives.  I burrowed deeply into mass casualty incident management and performance psychology. I’m a blogger, a sweatsuit journalist in the sense that I write about politics, culture, the media and more; over at OccurrencesForeignandDomestic, I read multiple news sources voraciously each day, and I too am curious where we are going as a country. 

I think our political leadership is at the very least misguided, corrupted, and quite arguably treasonous. 

We are being herded into civil war. If it should arrive, I’m more than likely to be involved in rolling bandages and using them than engaged in more direct activity.  And I’ll be a journalist, keeping a journal and, when and if the time comes and it is necessary, doing more. I recognize my limitations.  I’m approaching my seventies, have seen better days in terms of health and fitness, but I work on my health, keep my mind as sharp as possible and  read a lot. 

So I too can and must recommend that you do some homework and spend some time in serious thought and reflection. Your mind, your family, your community will tell you what to do with what you know, have learned, and can do. 

As is my wont and in sync with my interests, I browsed Joseph Martino’s book “Resistance to Tyranny”, read the first chapter, then the 18th, and then the last chapter and especially Appendix B. 

Sobering stuff…. 

If you do not think we are teetering on the brink of tyranny, I recommend you take a “snow day” and walk through the past two and a half years’ worth of entries at

As a nation and a people, no matter “what side of the aisle” you sit on, no matter what your spiritual or religious or political beliefs, we’d all better sober up soon. 

It would be refreshing if we saw some of the political candidates, political leadership, bureaucrats, corporate enterprises and media pundits show us the path to sobriety.