wargaming two

wargaming for disinterested bystanders Part Two Now that you’ve had a thoroughly-disinteresting introducton to wargaming (the Persian Gulf being halfway on the other side of the globe), it’s time to shift to the second area of operation that ought to be of interest to you.  And it’s much closer. Go find a good map of … Continue reading wargaming two


wargaming for disinterested bystanders Part One We live in an a dry tinder world populated increasingly by angry, conniving, well-armed and well-funded bands of angry, immoral and unethical tribalists playing with flammables and matches and several categories of flash-bangs.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ2MGloZV4U There have been, in the last several weeks, concerted reminders by noted authors, Presidential candidates … Continue reading wargaming

Forty-Caliber Disclosure

Forty-Caliber Disclosure Recently in response to the events stemming from the high density of naval ships inside an extremely strategic narrow chokepoint, I flippantly re-linked to a long piece I’d written on wargaming but it’s Part Two of that opus that has just come back into focus. The day before, I’d finished reading Richard Dolan’s … Continue reading Forty-Caliber Disclosure

battle lessons

battle lessons Battlefield Lessons Applied to Civilian Life Someone who spent a lifetime immersed in healthcare leadership, knowing my pastime of military wargaming and simulation, sent me an article which describes a hospital administration “staff ride” across the fields at Gettysburg.  I applaud the thought, having wrung lessons about mass casualty incident response from repeated … Continue reading battle lessons

Playing At War

Primary article: Drilling Deeper: West slams Russian exercises, glossing over NATO’s war games https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/projects/522549/posts/574906/image-312409-full.jpg?1377020703   {&&&}  See also: “Games and Simulations in Online Learning: Research and Development Frameworks” edited by David Gibson, Clark Aldrich, and the references on pages 79-80 to Gee’s paper, and the quote from Donk & Dennen. See as well: NSC develops the … Continue reading Playing At War