I’ve recently noticed that the “contact” plug-in I had here was no longer functional.  I have replaced it with a different approach.

While many of the pages and posts here are the recipient of frequent pingbacks or comments (some of which are likely benign spam intended to promote or call attention to your own private, corporate or other enterprises, of which I have been generally accepting), the new contact approach will not be friendly to spam, malware, erotica, soft porn, hard porn, gay porn, robo-porn, or other time-wasters, crap, or trash.
If you abuse my sincere attempt at outreach with mail sent without a return address, or if you abuse it harshly or repeatedly after a warning, I will have to ban you as a user.
That said, if you have a genuine reason to communicate with me, I have a new possibility.


If you wish to make a comment, engage in some dialogue, ask a question, offer up a news item or perhaps even something you have written (or a piece of photography, music or other art), try me at

BoyDownTheLane [ at]