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no other choice

no other choice

A guest post by Joachim Hagopian


Since the internet bombshell launched by WikiLeaks’ release of John Podesta emails and the uncovered Comet Pizza’s bizarre and suspicious activities leading to last fall’s Pizzagate scandal, and the simultaneous reporting of unprecedented number of arrests made in child sex trafficking rings worldwide, clearly demonstrate that law enforcement is finally treating the global epidemic seriously. Yet the systematic kidnapping, torturing and raping of children by highly organized trafficking rings have barely if at all even scratched the surface of mainstream media coverage, which has chosen to act as a complicit accomplice and partner-in-crime in the unholiest of alliances with the child rapists themselves, consistently ignoring child sex trafficking rings being operated by powerful members of the world’s elite ruling class.

A prime example is the state owned BBC that knew for a number of decades that entertainer Jimmy Savile was raping hundreds if not thousands of defenseless, innocent children throughout the United Kingdom, and said and did absolutely nothing to stop it other than punish and silence those few who came forth trying to expose the evil. Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols was banned by the BBC after he spoke up and once the 37-year old TV presenter Jill Dando called attention to the known pedophilia abuse at the BBC, she was abruptly murdered outside her West London home in April 1999.

And now we’re facing the exact same sort of criminal cover-up and retribution in America with the Pizzagate turned PedoGate scandal, as more children are sacrificed in the interest of protecting the guilty pedophiles. Again, the Podesta-Clinton connected Pizzagate is but one local DC trafficking network exposed, but PedoGate represents the far global reach of all the child sex trafficking rings that flourish worldwide. And why mainstream media continues to ignore and pretend that this pure evil savagery isn’t happening anywhere is pure diabolical criminality in and of itself, especially when this epidemic has grown so egregiously out of control that human trafficking as modern day slavery hit a record high in 2016. Last year’s 7,572 cases of human trafficking jumped by 35% over the previous year. The UN estimates 1.8 million kids are trafficked into the global sex trade every year. We’ve received our collective wake-up call.

Despite these cold hard monstrous facts, America’s lame stream media continues to suppress and protect demented sexual predators at the highest rungs of power, by its longstanding wall of denial, ridicule and even assassination toward those courageous truth seekers, whistleblowers and journalists contending that the planet’s pedophilia scandal is every bit real. Despite CBS Atlanta affiliate news anchor Ben Swann featuring a fair and accurate six minute synopsis on Pizzagate in January, and then suddenly losing his job and his online presence silenced with Ben’s own “going dark” admission for weeks afterwards, MSM can no longer sweep the inconvenient truth under the rug of denial and deception. We won’t allow it.

No longer will the elite’s despicable pedophile history be tolerated, enabling child rapists like Jimmy Savile to violate and pimp British children for an entire half century, nor will President George H. W. Bush’s criminal role in the Franklin scandal cover-up be dismissed, nor last year’s exposure of disgraced congressional kingpin – former GOP Speaker of the House and pedophile just two heartbeats away from US presidency Dennis Hastert. Eight US attorneys were fired by President George W. Bush in December 2006 in order to protect convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s sex ring, busily pimping trafficked in children, homosexual and lesbian prostitutes to high government officials and elite media figures at the DC Hilton, Ritz Carlton and Sheraton hotels. For decades pedophilia has thrived in our infested swamp of a capital.

For over a half century the global intelligence community like the CIA, Mossad and MI6 has in fact functioned as pedophilia pimps for the rich and powerful, supplying them with child victims from poor communities, orphanages and group homes around the world, joining the sins of the church in destroying countless young people’s lives and then covering them up. The heartrending video account by the Hampstead 9-year old sister and her 8-year old brother of satanic ritualized sexual abuse and sacrificial murder drew little response from local UK police other than place the innocent mother in jail. This case typifies how the very agencies mandated to investigate and protect children instead become conduit layers to cover-up and protect the child rapists.

Until just recently global law enforcement as simply standard operating procedure protected the powerful in this world, historically turning a blind eye, abruptly suspending and ceasing every investigation when child molesting perpetrators happen to be presidents, prime ministers, congressional and parliament members, high court judges, top spies, military brass, cabinet officials, famous entertainers, royalty, prominent CEO’s and police chiefs, head detectives and police commissioners. But all that may well be changing now.

That said, a just released critique of the FBI’s longstanding Operation Cross Country (OCC) launched in 2008 that’s designed to save children from pedophiliac rape only marks a return to its J Edgar Hoover roots as a mere vice squad primarily out to gain federal funding and favorable publicity based on questionable scant results that render the operation not worth the hefty price tag. Also it siphons off monies from programs set aside for true minors while more often than not services young adults. Actual innocent prepubescents abducted, forced into the booming sex trade and trafficked across international and state borders are few and far between, as the flawed FBI operations fail to even reach the major pedophilia rings. Additionally, the punitive treatment of mostly older adolescents and young adults (median age 17) caught up in these FBI stings are still subject to prostitution and loitering arrests, placed in handcuffs, regularly interrogated and confined for days or weeks at a time, while whatever sketchy, piecemeal services they do manage to receive grossly fail to meet the multiple needs that this targeted population sorely could benefit from, specifically basic shelter, safety, social support and love.

Three weeks ago President Trump held a meeting with advocates from various anti-human trafficking organizations when he reiterated committing his Justice Department, Homeland Security and federal law enforcement agencies to aggressively move forward with both investigation as well as prosecution of child sex trafficking networks worldwide. Long before Trump’s initial press conference a month ago, promising to make busting human trafficking rings among his top priorities, back on October 8th, 2012 the future president tweeted:

Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents – fast trial, death penalty.

In response, this unprecedented action by a US president to openly vow to remove the scourge of worldwide pedophilia has thousands of powerful psychopathic child rapists desperately waging an all-out siege to get rid of Trump before he gets rid of them. This high stakes war easily explains why all the alleged biggest sex offenders – John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer, Tim Kaine, Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi among scores of others are Trump’s most venomous, vicious and loudest enemies now. Deep state, Obama and Soros’ American Spring is bent on removing Trump from office.

We can readily point to the little fish caught in the big pond, Democratic and Republican politicians and party staffers alike who’ve been busted engaging in pedophilia in recent years, like John McCain’s former campaign organizer. Or the recent arrest of Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky’s no doubt abused, adopted son pedophile who recruited child victims. But until the predators at the top of the pedo-food chain are summarily rounded up and indicted, skeptics will keep reminding us “I told you so,” and the vast majority of nonbelieving Americans will not face this cold hard reality, regardless of how severe the global epidemic caused by the sexual criminals at the top of the world’s power pyramid really is. As a direct consequence of the continued cover-up and lack of pending arrests, an upcoming march on Washington DC’s Lafayette Park to raise public awareness of the PedoGate scandal is scheduled for March 25th at 11AM EDT.

One longtime thorn in the PedoGate saga is pedophile bigwig billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, due to ongoing multiple lawsuits against him that simply won’t go away. Within the last decade we’ve learned that the Wall Street financier and registered sex offender has also been a Mossad agent – a planted mole for Israel, who for years enticed high profile powerbrokers to his Virgin Island Sex Slave mansion and his other estates in Palm Beach, New York City and New Mexico, specifically to catch on hidden camera fellow pedophiles in action, so that they and their careers could easily be blackmailed, manipulated and controlled. This pathetically shocking reality, seeking the lowest dirt on others as a precious commodity and insurance lifesaver, is how the game at the top is ruthlessly played, and it’s worked wonders for the Greater Israel Project, wielding power and control over the US Empire to fight Israel’s wars in the Middle East and permit the Jewish State to engage in nonstop systematic genocide against Palestinians with impunity.

As far back as the late 1700’s, Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt laid the groundwork of the Modus Operandi religiously followed to the T over the next several centuries, dictating how this demonic power game at the top is covertly executed:

Use monetary and sex bribery to obtain control of people already occupying positions in high places in the various levels of all governments and other fields of endeavor. Once an influential person has fallen for the lies, deceits, and temptations of the Illuminati, they are to be held in bondage by application of political and other forms of blackmail, threats of financial ruin, public exposure, and physical harm, and even death to themselves and their loved ones.

As an obedient disciple of the Satanic occult, disgraced convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, his gal pal socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and Israel have ensnared scores of ambitiously powerful fool-tools into their dark blackmail web, forevermore obediently deployed to do the international crime cabal’s dirty bidding. Ghislaine is the daughter of another controversial Mossad agent, former British MP and media mogul Robert Maxwell, who in 1991 was likely murdered aboard his yacht in the Canary Islands.

It’s worth noting that pedophilia as a mental disorder is found almost exclusively in males, relating to adult sexual attraction in the form of fantasies, sexual urges and/or arousal towards prepubescent children usually younger than age 14, male or female. A related crime disorder is pederasty, which is the erotic homosexual relationship between an adult male and a pubescent or adolescent male. When acted out through sexual behavior directed upon a child victim, like most forms of sexually deviant psychopathology, it’s rarely a onetime deal. Similar to serial rapists of adult victims, pedophiles will most often succumb to uncontrollable compulsions and continue molesting children until they’re ultimately caught. With a notoriously high recidivism rate, androgen deprivation therapy is known to lower the testosterone level that in turn reduces a pedophile’s sex drive. OCD antidepressants are also prescribed with less side effects. Pedophilia is difficult to effectively treat through conventional talk therapy though the cognitive behavioral modality is the most common treatment. Pedophilia is also amongst the most underreported sex crimes of all, as only 1-10% of actual incidents of pedophilia are ever disclosed, much less the offender caught, convicted and imprisoned.

Whereas only 1-5% of the general population is estimated to molest children, in stark contrast, a projected one third of those employed at the highest levels of the federal government are believed to be out-and-out child rapists. This alarmingly high number goes far in explaining why there’s so much formidable opposition and pushback currently against Trump, coming from both political parties inside deep state, so overtly attempting to overthrow the sitting US president. The entire crime cabal government stands to be destroyed if Trump successfully follows through on his campaign promise to “drain the [pedophilia-infested] swamp.” The big question is whether Trump himself has been compromised. He too was in tight and ran with Epstein back in the day… and up till a couple days prior to last November’s election, he had a lawsuit and rape charge hanging over his head as well from an alleged underage victim who at the last minute decided to withdraw her case.

Much has been written about the Clintons traveling on Epstein’s Boeing 727 dubbed the “Lolita Express” (Bill listed on the flight log at least 26 times and Hillary at least 6), both together but more often separately, to their pedophile buddy’s Sex Slave Island. Donald Trump as well is listed as a witness for Epstein’s upcoming civil suit trial brought by two of Epstein’s victims filed nearly eight years ago. Apparently it’s on record that Donald Trump was also at one time a close friend and guest at Jeffrey Epstein’s homes on St. James Island, Palm Beach and New York City during a time when underage girls were molested, plus, per a 2009 affidavit from Epstein’s brother Mark, the current president also rode on his pedo-pal’s Lolita Express at least once.

Additionally, the only reason today’s civil case was initiated was because Trump’s current nominee for Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta, acting as the lead prosecutor at the time, secretly agreed to the original sweetheart deal with Alan Dershowitz (another Lolita Express frequent flyer) and Epstein’s defense team without bothering to inform the two victims, a clear violation of the Victims Crime Act. Democratic senators intend to grill Acosta at his confirmation hearing over his legal baggage that was set to begin this week but postponed till the end of the month. Acosta allowed the Epstein case to stay at the state level, resulting in a 13-month, get-out-of-jail card six days a week from his private wing at the local Palm Beach jailhouse where the child rapist was allowed to leave all day long, instead of his federal crimes raping perhaps hundreds of girls 13-17 that carry a standard 10 years to life sentence. Acosta’s central role in this flagrant travesty of justice makes him a remarkably odd and definitely wrong Trump choice (to say the least) to oversee and protect America’s labor force, both legal and illegal. Illicitly forced labor in the US, epitomized by today’s rising epidemic of sexual slavery and child sex trafficking, renders Trump’s selected Labor Secretary holding such a shameful track record that he’s the last person on earth who should be in charge of America’s labor rights.

During the last week of January 2017 another “Jane Doe,” this one # 43, stepped forward to slap yet another federal lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and her two other female accomplices, filing evidence in a New York City district court that they lured and then forced the underage girl into sexual slavery based on Epstein’s broken promise that he would use his connections and wealth to get her into college.

Meanwhile, there’s also Virginia Roberts-Giuffre’s pending lawsuit, also filed in New York City against Epstein’s former girlfriend Maxwell as Giuffre’s alleged sex slave handler after accusations that then Virginia Roberts was raped by Prince Andrew. In all three lawsuits under oath Epstein will be forced to once again take the stand during cross examinations by the victims’ attorneys. More lurid evidence is bound to surface on his elaborate child sex trafficking network operating throughout the 1990’s up until his 2005 arrest, including the Clintons’ pedo-trafficking involvement along with scores of other “compromised” members of the elite.

Much of this ongoing Epstein dark saga has been meticulously chronicled by one central pedophile player, disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner. After being implicated last year in a child pornography case attempting to solicit nude photos from a North Carolina minor, NYPD Victims Unit discovered a smoking gun trove of hardcore pedophilia evidence inside Weiner’s confiscated laptop containing over 650,00 emails, and dozens of files one labeled “life insurance.” A NY police chief stated the police found one photo depicting Hillary’s twenty year plus employed aide, lesbian lover, suspected Saudi intelligence operative and Weiner’s estranged wife Huma Abedin and Hillary caught in a sexually compromising pose with an underage girl. The New York police turned their findings over to the FBI last October, which pressured Director James Comey to reopen the criminal investigation against Hillary a week and a half prior to the presidential election, no doubt playing a significant factor in causing her defeat.

Meanwhile in recent months since then, desperate to avoid becoming a jailbird, Anthony Weiner has taken to singing like a songbird. The initial claims from FBI insiders a month and a half ago disclosing that newly confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions would be signing scores of arrest warrants, including all those aforementioned politicians, has not yet occurred because Weiner’s allegedly been providing the FBI with more than enough convictable evidence in exchange for not being charged with a sex crime himself. Thus, Weiner’s full disclosure is causing the delay in the pending high profile arrests.

In a related side development, in early February The Globe reported that aware of these “soon to happen” arrests, Hillary Clinton was caught attempting to flee the United States on a flight to Bahrain as the Gulf State nation holds no extradition laws with America. Also seeking leniency, fellow perp Bill Clinton has apparently chosen to sing Weiner’s tune, turning against his wife as well. This dubious pair of serial sex offender politician husbands score miserably low on loyalty and selfishly high on saving their own ass.

In a Henry Makow article posted a month ago, Henry assesses the Trump administration, questioning whether it too might be “infested with pedophiles.” Makow refers to now deceased videographer Tory Smith who he believes correctly asserted:

Child Protective Agencies, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the CIA are running a massive child trafficking network [that] is credible. He says there are 39 Military Intelligence Laboratories (Milabs) operated by DARPA and the CIA, connected with child trafficking. This is consistent with what Carolyn Hamlett reported on this [Henry Makow’s] website in 2012.

Tory Smith openly accused Vice President Mike Pence of being “a pedophile and child murderer,” and that Pence was the globalist system’s running mate choice foisted on Trump not unlike Reagan’s required VP was Bush senior. General Michael Flynn lost his National Security Advisor job after only 24 days because Flynn was determined to take down the pedophile cabal, and among the politicians on the FBI arrest list that Flynn had acquired was Pence’s best friend. Pence and the deep state ousted Flynn. Speculation exists over whether Pence may have been responsible for Tory Smith’s death for exposing Pence’s child sex trafficking.

To get an idea how pervasive and sinister these child sex trafficking rings are, the very governmental agency designed to protect children in America – child protective services (CPS) – mandated to operate in every county throughout the nation in charge of overseeing both the child welfare and foster care system, has actually been caught repeatedly funneling children into the demonic sex slave trafficking rings for enormous financial profit no less. It’s a global problem as a child welfare officer in India was just arrested for selling children into a trafficking ring. All 28 children who were sex crime trafficking victims rescued last month in California’s largest trafficking bust in state history were being “cared for” by various county children and family services. In one Arizona study 1 in 8 children in CPS placements are sexually abused. The statistics across the nation are highly disturbing. After Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer heroically exposed countless cases of nationwide CPS kidnapping, drugging and supplying children to trafficking rings for additional revenue of up to $140,000 per child, in 2010 she and her husband were likely murdered for bringing this heinous crime increasingly to public attention.

As a longtime licensed therapist butting heads on behalf of my child clients against this nation’s largest county CPS, LA County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and LA County Children’s Court judges, I can attest firsthand to the severe abuse perpetrated on America’s youth placed under governmental authoritarian “care.” The county service care- to-child sex trafficking pipeline is often supplied directly by CPS, foster parents, group homes, kidnapped by both personnel operating within the child welfare system as well as criminals operating outside the system.

Trafficking rings have received a steady flow of child victims as runaways at local bus stations, homeless street youth exploited by predators and pimps for profit who snatch them into the child sex industry, frequently using them to recruit their peers from nearby group homes. Kids’ average age entering this dark criminal world as horribly exploited child sex workers is only twelve years old. But once in, their average life expectancy is only seven years, which means as many youth never even reach young adulthood prior to being murdered, beaten, tortured, starved or diseased to death.

A far greater volume of child sex slaves is more easily procured in war torn nations around the globe. Like international drug smuggling, the CIA predatorily controls the global child sex trafficking trade as well. Historically the UN “peacekeeping” forces and private US contractors like DynCorp have also been notorious in buying and selling child sex slaves from CIA run global trafficking rings. It’s actually legal to sell children in nations like Pakistan and Thailand where it’s a $1 billion business.  8 million children end up missing in the world every year. In the US 800,000 go missing. These numbers are staggering and each year they’re only growing worse. Well organized multibillion dollar crime syndicates operate massive interlocking trafficking rings globally. We can no longer afford to simply deny reality. We must learn and understand the problem more.

A pattern of a symbiotic connection exists between those who work closely with children, like CPS frequently in the role of ostensibly protecting them, and the sex trafficking networks that horrifically abuse them. That’s why those very professions entrusted to care for and protect children all too often are the first line of abusers since they’re in regular daily contact with young people – schoolteachers, coaches, priests, social workers, health care workers, child protection agencies and police officers to name a few.

An illustration of this dynamic can be found in the Pizzagate story. Located on the same Northwest Washington DC block as the so called “family friendly” Comet Ping Pong, the Pizzagate epicenter a short distance from the White House, lie several other restaurants with business logos (identical to FBI listed symbols) linked to pedophilia. Located just three doors down from Comet, another pizzeria, Besta Pizza, complete with the “boy love” logo, happens to be owned by none other than high powered Bill Clinton appointed attorney Andrew Kline who works in the Justice Department child trafficking division. Another federally employed US attorney, Arun Rao, operating out of Comet’s adjacent Maryland district, is also ironically in charge of prosecuting child trafficking and pornography cases with Comet owner James Alefantis’ Instagram account filled with Rao’s salaciously running commentary, suggesting another fox guarding the henhouse. With a known underground tunnel system running below these establishments, multiple signs of a not-so-secret pedo operation abound on that one upscale DC block, with the fingerprints of the Podestas, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama written all over it.

The troubled lone gunman (prototypical of virtually every US false flag operation) who fired off a couple rounds inside Comet Pizza in early December last year was very likely another deep state prop or stooge designed to instantly discredit the online Pizzagate investigation and convincingly tag its true believers as “conspiracy nuts.” It also served to jumpstart the deep state campaign to prove how “dangerously irresponsible” so called “fake news” is, triggering America’s wackos into committing reprehensible acts of violence that warrant urgent legislation to protect an imperiled public from further harm and endangerment.

Thus, Pizzagate was exploited by deep state as a nefarious, over-the-top scheme to censor and eliminate alternative media from being able to continue exposing the truth about the evils of both deep state criminality and specifically the pedophiles who run the world. But the false flag facts remain – that lone gunman turned out to be yet another known actor, and both actor and his father while serving as director of yet another NGO for Haitian children were employed in Haiti just several years earlier, indelibly linked to the Clintons’ pillaging of the poorest Western Hemisphere nation where the infamous crime duo swindled billions from Haitian post-earthquake victims.

Throw in Laura Silsby, a convicted child kidnapper and would-be trafficker of 33 Haitian kids, who was legally aided and abetted by Hillary as then secretary of state, and the untimely, highly suspicious death of young journalist Monica Petersen several days after last November’s election, effectively silencing Monica’s ongoing investigation of Clinton ties to Haitian child trafficking, and we have compelling, albeit circumstantial evidence linking the Clintons to the global PedoGate scandal. And then if that’s not enough, internet sleuths found that Silsby and Alefantis, two protagonists in this pedo-scandal drama, apparently both showed up as Obama White House guests on the very same day, September 26th, 2012.

Three weeks ago sex victim advocate and astute journalist Liz Crokin in a Townhall.com article asked why mainstream news is not reporting the over 1,500 arrests made (474 in California alone last month) against child sex trafficking rings during President Trump’s very first month in office as opposed to the entire year 2014 under Obama’s watch when only 400 arrests resulted. Crokin justifiably points out that fake stream news is conspicuously absent in what should be among America’s biggest news stories of the year. But then the answer to her question is all too obvious. MSM and the pedophiles are one and the same. Case in point, alleged pedophile John Podesta was just hired as the Washington Post’s latest columnist.

We’ve witnessed overwhelming evidence that mainstream news only protects and covers up the grossly criminal actions of the Clintons and Obamas, while regularly engaging in libelous accusations against Donald Trump. Bottom line, MSM’s role as the liberal left’s propaganda machine is to constantly lie and create only fake news rather than reveal the honest truth. That’s why Congress and Obama rushed through censorship legislation less than a month prior to the traitor leaving office, handing over bogus authority to their prostitutes Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and MSM to eliminate the only truthful news source left to the people – the independent media.

Flat out denial and looking the other way while pedophiles in our government continue harming our children is simply the above enlisted prostitutes following their marching orders from the pedophiles in charge. That’s why they don’t dare cover the truth that Trump is arresting pedophiles en masse like never before. One, it gives way too much credit to their sworn enemy Trump who’s out to bring them down, and two, children being saved from malicious perverts would actually be good news for a change, and MSM thrives on only doom and gloom. Positive news and useful information that offers hope and encouragement to the public is simply not permitted. A longtime mainstream media edict has been to propagate and spread only horror, dread, fear and paranoia for elitist purposes of easier population control. This in turn cultivates and conditions a clueless, desperate populace dependent on a “benevolent” central government for direction and protection.

With just a passing glimpse of the rampant pedophilia long entrenched in Hollywood, the demonic signs are incessantly saturated throughout the film, TV and music industries, especially featured on worldwide display in enormous venues like Super Bowl Sunday that carry mass mind control effects over a captive, mesmerized global audience. The insidious criminality, sinister promotion and sealed off protection of pedophilia kingpins in entertainment are embedded everywhere in today’s morally-lapsed, depraved Western culture. Brave young actors like Corey Feldman, an admitted pedophile victim, and most recently Elijah Wood have come forth as Hollywood whistleblowers. Wood referred to the current pedophile scandal gripping Tinsel Town involving “very powerful figures” that are being protected “right at the top” by elitist ties to Washington.

For some time now social engineers from the elitist ranks have been subversively working towards normalizing and advocating pedophilia as a mere life choice, pushing its “non-harmful,” “legal rights” message for its proponents. As a prime example, a 2014 New York Times article maintains that pedophilia is a mental disorder but not a crime, arguing that a pedophile attracted to prepubescents but who never acts on those impulses or thoughts never commits a crime. Though true within the narrowly defined context, the rationalization it makes fails to take into account the compulsive, at times out of control nature of pedophilia that drives those afflicted to act out sexually towards children, and more often than not become a serial pedophile or pederast.

As effort along the same destigmatizing lines, the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) latest revised 2013 DSM-5 edition initially called for pedophiles who never act on their sexual desires for children to be a sexual orientation rather than a formal mental disorder. When barraged by a storm of opposition, the APA was forced to change its position, drawing the distinction between sexual interest (and not orientation) while making the disclaimer that the APA still recognizes pedophilic disorder as both a mental disorder among other paraphilic disorders as well as a crime. However, the “error” on page 698 remains in every diagnostician’s hardcopy “bible,” until the next print revision, as only the online e-DSM-5 was corrected. In the transparently persistent push (if not rush) to culturally normalize pedophilia, APA’s “Freudian slip” may well have been a barometric tack to test the waters of tolerance toward the mental disorder that remains a serious sex crime.   Regardless of diabolical spin or label, child raping reminds us that “evil is as evil does.”

Likewise, former President Obama and his minions pushed Common Core and his LGBT agenda down our throats through his federalized public education system, willfully harming our children right out of the kindergarten gate with developmentally inappropriate, sexually explicit dogma that’s been damaging, overloading and confusing recent generations of young Americans toward gender identity issues that commonly manifest as confused gender roles, sexual acting out and interpersonal relationship barriers that reflect a normalized cultural and sexual pathology and dysfunction. Obama’s statist attack on both family and parental rights along with religion is but part of the elite’s massive mind control operation to further its sinister agenda.

When we the people can ultimately realize that the planetary controllers and their thirteen ruling bloodlines have for centuries been engaging in ancient occult, Satanic worship and Illuminati rituals that regularly involve child sacrifice, drinking youth blood and eating their flesh, making snuff films, all part of their age-old devil worshipping practices, suddenly the agenda of plotting and executing human genocide under the false guise of overpopulation doesn’t seem so farfetched either. Then and only then can we readily discern the epochal scope of today’s most dire and urgent crisis facing humanity at this critical juncture in our human history.

But in our favor, the evildoers have never been more exposed than they are right now, and their greatest fear is an informed, educated and empowered world citizenry that outnumbers them a million to one, coalescing in unified force and reaching critical mass, committed to actively opposing and resisting the globalists’ willful planetary and life destruction through grassroots power of peaceful, nonviolent civil disobedience and spiritual evolution. Currently humanity has the technological means to cure every cancer and disease, feed every human on earth, eliminate the planet’s growing life-killing pollution and radioactivity, and supply free energy to every household and transport vehicle that can cleanly, unlimitedly fuel all our needs. These are all indisputable facts. By purging the evildoers from power along with their debtor-slavery system and launching a financial reset, the human species will at last be free to advance these technological facts into our everyday living and breathing reality.

The economic system reset button is already underway, and the US fiat currency as the standard international reserve is already over as a return to gold backing is well in progress. Wallowing in pessimism and stagnating in cynicism is exactly where the globalists would prefer us, knowing if we the global masses have already concluded that we’re too powerless and weak to ever change the course of history and cannot possibly defeat the destructive demonic forces in control, their apocalyptic endgame’s already been achieved. Neither should we succumb to the elite’s divide and conquer strategy, forever blaming others instead of seeking the ultimate deeper truth that automatically holds the real criminals against humanity accountable. Rather than fight amongst ourselves or give up and roll over and play dead as the elite no doubt desires us to do, we must join forces in order to optimize our chances of defeating them. If we love our children and want to leave a future for them, and we value life over death, then we the people of planet earth simply have no other choice.    

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. 

In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at http://empireexposed.blogspot.co.id/. 

Joachim is also a regular contributor to Global Research, Sott.net and LewRockwell.com.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

PedoGate Update: The Global Elite’s Pedophile Empire Is Crumbling… Will It Ever Crash?

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Exclusive interview: documenting illegal-immigrant pedophile crimes

“In 10 months, 170 separate confirmed illegal aliens were charged with 592 separate incidences of child rape/child sexual assault/indecent liberties with a minor.”

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March 20, 2017


folderol or factual

folderol or factual




“On August 8, 2013 NTEB News warned you of the plan by the Obama Administration to sneak into the country scores of highly-trained Muslim terrorists disguised as refugees from war-torn Iraq and Syria. Today, ABC News confirms that this has happened exactly as we warned you it would.

ABC News: Several dozen suspected terrorist bombmakers, including some believed to have targeted American troops, may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the United States as war refugees, according to FBI agents investigating the remnants of roadside bombs recovered from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The discovery in 2009 of two al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists living as refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky — who later admitted in court that they’d attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq — prompted the bureau to assign hundreds of specialists to an around-the-clock effort aimed at checking its archive of 100,000 improvised explosive devices collected in the war zones, known as IEDs, for other suspected terrorists’ fingerprints.

Click here to read the story on ABC News.com

“We are currently supporting dozens of current counter-terrorism investigations like that,” FBI Agent Gregory Carl, director of the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center (TEDAC), said in an ABC News interview to be broadcast tonight on ABC News’ “World News with Diane Sawyer” and “Nightline”.


How do you have somebody that we now know was a known actor in terrorism overseas, how does that person get into the United States? How do they get into our community?” wondered Bowling Green Police Chief Doug Hawkins, whose department assisted the FBI.









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The FBI Bureau of Manufacturing Consent and Public Relations FOX News just released this infomercial for very special former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom.

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FBI Official: The President Is Very Interested In Flooding This Country With People From The Middle East For Some Reason

December 14, 2015 ·


James Kallstrom, a former assistant FBI Director, blew the “Obama’s a secret Muslim” dog whistle on Fox News last night. There wasn’t a peep of challenge from host Jeanine Pirro.

In a discussion about terrorism on Justice with Judge Jeanine, Kalstrom announced, “I think Donald Trump had it largely right” about barring Muslims from entering the country. “I mean, we need to take a pause because it’s a joke,” Kallstrom said about our vetting process. “We don’t have any idea who these people are.”

Host Jeanine Pirro interrupted to make the criticism more about President Obama. “But the president knows this,” Pirro said pointedly.

And Bingo!

KALLSTROM: The president is very interested in flooding this country with people from the Middle East for some reason.

PIRRO: Do you believe that?

KALLSTROM: Well, for some reason. I’m not gonna say what the reason is but there’s some reason why this is happening. And why aren’t the Christians coming into this country? And why aren’t some of the others, you know, who are being massacred, not that the Muslims aren’t being massacred, they are. And we have a lot of great Muslims. Look at all the Muslims on the New York PD…

Pirro has an unhinged hatred for Obama, so it’s no surprise that she would not challenge this outrageous statement.

Watch it below, from the December 13 Justice wit

2.  FBI lawyer helped destroy TWA Flight 800


In August 2003, a former U.S. attorney in the Clinton administration, Valerie Caproni, was appointed to the top legal job within the Federal Bureau of Investigation – that of general counsel. As such, she provides legal advice to the director and other FBI officials and, among other duties, coordinates the defense of civil actions filed against the United States for the official acts of FBI employees.

“This is the coolest job in the world,” the 5-foot-tall Caproni recently told Robert Vosper, author of a 4,000-word profile on Caproni in the Corporate Legal Times titled, “The Chosen One.” “I can be doing national security stuff in the morning, a Patriot Act issue after lunch and an employment problem in the afternoon.”

Caproni, however, has a clouded legal past that provides an unfortunate study in how the national security apparatus can function if placed in the wrong hands. Working in the Clinton Justice Department, Caproni did not need the Patriot Act to go awry.

The co-author of this article, James Sanders, learned about Caproni early in his investigation into the crash of TWA Flight 800. Within days of the crash, it was she who illegally took the investigation away from the National Transportation Safety Board and gave it to the FBI.

The relevant law [Title 49, section 1131(a)(2)] reads as follows: “An investigation by the Board … has priority over any investigation by another department, agency or instrumentality of the United States Government.” The “Board” in question is the National Transportation Safety Board. In other words, a “parallel” FBI investigation is by law inferior to the NTSB investigation.

Caproni, as head of the Justice Department Criminal District, Eastern District of New York, knew the law. She knew that the FBI was the subordinate agency. She knew that the NTSB could not legally be restricted in its pursuit of information. Still, in spite of the law, she used the full weight of the Justice Department, and the intimidating presence of the FBI, to order the NTSB witness group to cease and desist all of the critical eyewitness interviews.

“As for the charges that she and the FBI took over investigation,” writes Vosper casually, “Caproni says she is guilty.” The FBI never did declare TWA Flight 800 a crime scene, the only possible justification for Caproni’s intrusion. An NTSB document reveals that Caproni and the Justice Department took over the investigation to ensure that only one story emerged from the witness interviews, the official story, their story. In this, she fully succeeded.

Caproni, alas, was just warming up. Her second major transgression was to place herself in charge of a grand jury investigating Sanders and his wife, Elizabeth. Sanders had received a residue sample from a source in the TWA Flight 800 investigation in his attempt to expose potential criminal misconduct by the same FBI that Caproni herself had illicitly imposed on site.

In the course of her investigation into the Sanders, Caproni crossed over the line into criminal territory [USC Title 18, section 1001]. She did so by declaring in writing that she did not know Sanders was a journalist, thus making it possible to seize his phone records and ultimately his computer and the information contained within its hard drive.

Caproni’s purported ignorance of Sanders’ profession defies belief. She, in fact, first learned about James Sanders from an account of his investigation in the Riverside Press Enterprise, March 10, 1997. Sanders’ name was easy to find. It was on page one, above the fold, second paragraph of the lead story. To the immediate left of “James Sanders” were two words that challenge Caproni’s innocence . The two words were “Investigative Reporter.” Indeed, even the Corporate Legal Times’ profile on Caproni describes Sanders as a “freelance journalist.”

It was Sanders’ reporting that first alerted Caproni to the problem at hand, namely that a journalist was probing into potential criminal acts within the TWA 800 investigation – acts likely committed by federal officials. These officials, she knew, included herself and the FBI head of the investigation, James Kallstrom, who had been coerced into cooperating. The conflict of interest here should have caused Caproni to recuse herself. If not Caproni, her supervisors in the White House, Jamie Gorelick and Janet Reno, should never have allowed Caproni to pursue a case against her own potential accuser. But then again, it was the future 9-11 commissioner Gorelick who had leaned on Kallstrom.

When Sanders first met with Caproni in April 1997, he had no idea of the hornet’s nest he was walking in to. Escorted by Jeff Schlanger, a former New York prosecutor, Sanders sat across from Caproni and a senior FBI agent. A large video taping system recorded the entire meeting. As part of the federal system used for video meetings during times of crisis, it was hooked up to other systems in Washington, D.C. as well as at the FBI’s New York City headquarters. The Clinton Justice department had its first look at the retired cop turned journalist who threatened its grip on power.

At this meeting, Caproni told Sanders he would become the “target” of a Justice Department/FBI investigation if he did not immediately turn over the names of those inside the investigation who were assisting him. Sanders refused. His attorney argued for Sanders’ First Amendment rights as a reporter. Caproni was not impressed.

The only words that count in a criminal case are those in the trial transcript, spoken under oath. Sanders’ attorney at the April 1997 meeting, Jeff Schlanger, was placed under oath at the Sanders’ criminal trial two years later. These are the relevant words from the trial transcript:

Q: Did the government indicate at that meeting what, if any, actions they were prepared to take with respect to Liz Sanders?

A: At the very end of that meeting there was a change in the status of Mrs. Sanders from being just a subject in the investigation, to a possible target in the investigation. And that was communicated directly to myself and Mr. Sanders.

Q: And when you say [it] was communicated directly to you, what was your understanding if she did not cooperate?

A: That the government would at least attempt to seek an indictment against her as well.

Q: Now …

A: It wasn’t if she did not cooperate. It was if Mr. Sanders did not cooperate.”

The feds had a complete audio-video tape of the meeting. An FBI agent at that meeting was in the courtroom, available to rebut this sworn testimony. The Justice Department declined to engage further in the issue. Why? The testimony accurately reflected what the Justice Department video contained.

At that point the trial should have been over. The judge was certainly aware that Caproni had crossed the line once again into unlawful territory. Her threat against Elizabeth, now revealed in open court, constituted “vindictive prosecution.” Worse, it violated the civil rights of the Sanders as no evidence was ever produced to validate Caproni’s rationale for targeting Elizabeth. Caproni had simply exploited Elizabeth, holding her hostage to Justice Department chicanery, in a last-minute gambit to get her husband to identify his source.

But the trial did not end with this revelation. Caproni had stacked the federal deck against the Sanders. Both were convicted of conspiracy to steal airplane parts – a law designed to protect crash sites from scavengers. The mainstream media, so seemingly keen on constitutional rights in the Ashcroft era, mocked the Sanders as “conspiracy theorists” and generally applauded their conviction.

In the years that followed, as Sanders served out his three-year probation, he often wondered why Caproni and her allies had hammered him so. A summation of her arguably illicit acts defies easy explanation. These include:

Illegally turning the TWA 800 investigation over to the FBI.

Leading a grand jury investigation of a reporter who was investigating her own misconduct.

Denying in writing any knowledge that he was a reporter so she could seize his computer and phone records.

Threatening the vindictive prosecution of Sanders’ wife to force Sanders to cooperate.

Making this threat knowing there was no evidence against Elizabeth Sanders.

Overseeing the Sanders’ conviction on irrelevant and gratuitous charges, thereby silencing her most dangerous journalist critic.

Only recently, upon discovering another reason beyond the obvious, did Sanders begin to understand Caproni’s behavior. This reason, recently revealed, is a jaw dropper. In that ill-fated summer of 1996, Caproni, Kallstrom and other senior FBI agents may well have unwittingly assisted Islamic terrorist Ramzi Yousef in his effort to destroy an American commercial airliner.

At the time, Caproni was involved in an ongoing sting operation against Yousef. While being tried in federal court for his role in Operation Bojinka, Yousef’s diabolical plot to destroy American targets through the air, Yousef operated under the illusion of having a safe telephone within his New York City jail

Yousef thought he was routing messages to the outside world through a phone controlled by the New York Cosa Nostra. Five-time Emmy-winner Peter Lance documents this thoroughly in his new book, “Cover Up.”


December 14-15, 2015 — U.S. visas continue to be handled by foreign contractors (in: GENERAL ARCHIVES December 2015) 

Dec 14, 2015

U.S. visa processing rife with fraud, foreign nationals, and security lapses.


Tashfeen Malik passed background tests for K-1 visa. What the media is getting wrong is that the visa application process in Pakistan, like everywhere else, is OUTSOURCED out to foreign national contractors!! From the U.S. embassy in Islamabad: “The Embassy and Consulate General of the United States of America in Islamabad and Karachi, Pakistan will transition to a new appointment and document delivery service for the non-immigrant visa unit as of August 24, 2014. This new system, which is being implemented in phases at U.S. Embassies and Consulates worldwide, is designed to be more comprehensive and user-friendly. It replaces the current appointment system of scheduling at Amex and Speedex locations in Pakistan, though these contractors will also be involved in the new system.”

In 2007, WMR reported on how US embassy foreign national officers outsource visa processing work to their local cronies. The corporate media, always eager to support outsourcing, ignored the story until San Bernardino.

The U.S. visa processing system is rife with fraud and Hillary Clinton did nothing to reform it when she was Secretary of State. In fact, as seen with Malik in Pakistan, it became worse.


Turkey sics Grey Wolves terrorists on Crimea. Erdogan, once again, sticking his finger into the nose of the Russian bear. Erdogan will lose his finger, his hand, his arm, and everything else if he continues to support aggression and terrorism.

Turkish fishing boat tried to ram Russian destroyer in international waters. It’s time for Russia, Greece, and Serbia to lead an Orthodox Christian crusade to liberate Constantinople and kick out the Mohammedan Turks, once and for all. And we know what side Soebarkah Hussein Obama will take!

Ukrainian lawmaker picks up PM Yatsenyuk (Victoria Nuland’s “Yats’) by his neck and balls. Delaware’s state loon, Joe Biden, just praised Ukraine. The only thing that can save Ukraine is for it to split up and become smaller autonomous republics of the Russian Federation. It is worse than a failed state, it should have never even been one. Even then-President George HW Bush called on Ukraine to remain united with Russia in 1991.

Erdogan warms to Israel. Undoubtedly, the Zionist Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia have instructed Erdogan to patch up relations with Israel and concentrate on the Riyadh-Ankara-Tel Aviv (RATA) alliance with ISIL against Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Russia.

ISIL members traveling on Syrian passports seized from government offices. They’re probably getting valid U.S. visas too, knowing the incompetence and corruption of the U.S. State Department.








Published seven years ago:


“Powerful CIA operative who as a spymaster, soldier and diplomat was at the heart of a half century of historic moments, who did everything from recruiting former Third Reich members to spy on the Soviets, to supporting the political party that put Saddam Hussein in power, and whose memoir will be published in 2003, died April 22 of pancreatic cancer in Williamsburg, VA at age 86.”


Irony of ironies … look who’s running TERROR DRILLS in Blue Grass country:



TETRA TECH developed implemented, and moderated a large-scale mock terrorism exercise in Louisville, Kentucky called Operation River City. The exercise lasted for 60 continuous hours and consisted of multiple chemical, biological, radiological, hostage, and explosive scenarios meant to simulate a nationally significant incident.

The Tetra Tech Board


Albert E. Smith

Chairman of the Board 

Director since 2005

Mr. Smith has been a member of our Board since May 2005 and was elected Chairman on March 6, 2006. Mr. Smith is a former member of the Secretary of Defense’s DEFENSE SCIENCE BOARD, serving from 2002 to 2005. He was an Executive Vice President of LOCKHEED MARTIN and President of its Integrated Systems & Solutions business until 2004. From 1999 to 2003 Mr. Smith was Executive Vice President of Lockheed Martin’s Space Systems Company. Prior to that, Mr. Smith was President of Government Systems at Harris Corporation. He has also worked for the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, where he received the Intelligence Medal of Merit.

Hugh M. Grant

Director since 2003

Mr. Grant joined our Board in January 2003. He has been a business consultant since 1996. Prior to 1996, Mr. Grant spent approximately 38 years with Ernst & Young LLP …

Richard H. Truly

Director since 2003

Admiral Truly joined our Board in April 2003. He is the former Executive Vice President of Midwest Research Institute (MRI). Prior to joining MRI in 1997, Admiral Truly was Vice President of the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Director of the Georgia Tech Research Institute, from 1992 to 1997. From 1989 to 1992, he served as NASA’s eighth Administrator under President George H. Bush, and prior to that, had a distinguished career in the U.S. Navy and NASA, retiring from the Navy as Vice Admiral.

Admiral Truly was an astronaut with NASA and piloted the Columbia, commanded the Challenger and, in 1986, led the investigation of the Challenger accident. Admiral Truly was awarded the Presidential Citizen’s Medal, has served on the Defense Policy Board and Army Science Board, and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Dr. Li-San Hwang

Chairman Emeritus

Dr. Hwang retired from Tetra Tech on March 6, 2006 and serves as Chairman Emeritus for life in an advisory role. Dr. Hwang, joined our predecessor in 1967 and led our acquisition of the Water Management Group of Tetra Tech, Inc., an operating unit of Honeywell Inc….





23 April 2003

Ex-CIA Official James Critchfield Dies

James H. Critchfield, 86, a decorated World War II Army officer who played a key role in the Central Intelligence Agency’s controversial postwar alliance with former German officials to spy on the Soviet Union, died April 22, 2003, at a hospice in Williamsburg. He had pancreatic cancer.

Mr. Critchfield, who retired in 1974, was the chief of the CIA’s Near East and South Asia division in the 1960s and a national intelligence officer for energy as the oil shortage crisis began in the early 1970s. Later, as president of TETRA TECH International, he focused on Middle East energy resources, especially those in Oman, and did consulting work.

It was his part in the early days of Cold War intelligence that most recently catapulted him to attention.

Only in the late 1990s did the CIA begin to disclose, through an act of Congress, its collaboration with former Nazi spies in what was known as the Gehlen Organization. The network was named for Reinhard Gehlen, a German general who oversaw Adolf Hitler’s anti-Soviet intelligence and became the first head of West Germany’s secret service.

For many, Gehlen’s work came to symbolize the moral compromises of the United States. Mr. Critchfield, often credited with recommending the CIA’s union with Gehlen, defended the work, which supplied the West with an infusion of fresh intelligence material about the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries at the start of the Cold War. During the Berlin Airlift and other vital moments, such intelligence was hard to obtain, he said.

He added that many of the top Germans, including Gehlen, were far from Nazi ideologues and that many sympathized with those who tried to kill Hitler.

“I’ve lived with this for 50 years,” Mr. Critchfield told The Washington Post in 2001. “Almost everything negative that has been written about Gehlen, in which he has been described as an ardent ex-Nazi, one of Hitler’s war criminals — this is all far from the fact.”

As the size of the Gehlen group grew to several thousand, many in the organization were reputed to be Soviet spies, former Nazis and other unsavory types used as informants and for other purposes…..


warfare on domestic politics

Working from the main link for Oath Keepers, where there is substantial information about the orgnanization, its leadership, by-laws, and much more (look under the CPT link and the “Academy” link), I see that Elias Alias has put together some very detailed information on the issues surrounding Jade Helm 15 as seen by Oath Keepers. It’s about numerous forms of warfare on domestic politics.   

The first of four parts includes a radio broadcast interview with Stewart Rhodes. 

The first link also includes:

  • a FAQ approach that provides background; 
  • five videos (the fifth is 50 minutes in length); and 
  • two articles that explain the “mapping terrain” concept inside the drill’s theme and mission. (See especially the 37-item list of corporations from within the military-industrial complex who are providing technology and systems and analysis.)



The second part focuses on

  • unconventional warfare;
  • James Risen’s article on the secret history of the CIA in Iran in 1953; 
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski and the PNAC; 
  • the Army and its focus on civil disturbances;
  • leaked DHS fusion center reports on domestic politics; 
  • the Murrah building bombing in Oklahoma City; the ATF, and the FBI; and 
  • presents the entire Operation Northwoods document
  • There’s a 23-minute video of the C-Span show on the issue; 
  • an article on the mock city constructed for military training;
  • an article in Forbes on how the military would crush a Tea Party rebellion; and 
  • a half-hour video on how the military will use the social media to “map” political enemies in the US



Part Three reviews “the now-infamous document entitled ‘From PSYOP To MindWar: The Psychology of Victory’. One of the authors of the paper was proud enough of his work to expound upon MindWar in a book published in 2013 with the one-word title, MindWar.” 

There’s a pretty potent paragraph that segues into James Corbett’s hour-long look at who is really behind ISIS, and then Part Three launches into a discussion about unconventional warfare, irregular warfare, and mind wars

  • There’s an 8-minute video of Obama explaining FEMA camps;
  • another 8-minute video featuring John Whitehead (with a companion article link); 
  • a look at previous Federal propaganda efforts; 
  • a focus on DARPA’s efforts; and 
  • a good long look at Michael Aquino. 
  • There’s a review of the history of the OSS in Vietnam and its relationship with the Viet Minh and Ho Chi Minh, and a look at some of the technology curently in use in mind wars.
  • http://oathkeepers.org/oktester/jade-helm-2015-questions-and-reflections-part-three-mindwar/ 


The last part is a look at a film which is being crowd-funded, with a short presentation by Stewart Rhodes, short video interviews with two of the people who will appear in the film, and links or keys to some of their previously-published works.



I recommend that you spend some time reviewing and reflecting upon this material and the larger issues of the current domestic and foreign situation. 


Keene on pumpkins (updated)


Music video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-KE9lvU810 (4:58)

… State and local safety officials are working to defuse what she called “the situation” .




“There were about 4,000 kids in this backyard and it almost felt like a war zone,” said Ellery Murray, a sophomore at Keene State. “People were just throwing everything they could find — rocks, skateboards, buckets, pumpkins. It was actually kind of scary.”

“[Police] were wearing shields and knee-pads and had all these dogs herding people out of the yard into the street,” said Murray…..

Murray said many at the party were students from surrounding schools, including the University of New Hampshire, the University of Rhode Island, and the University of Massachusetts.

Murray said there were disturbances at Pumpkin Festival before, “but it wasn’t crazy like this last year. People just got too drunk.”

“Incidents in the city, not on Keene State’s campus, subsided overnight but began to increase again by mid-afternoon on Saturday,” the statement said. “One large assembly on Winchester Street drew multiple responses from Keene Police on Saturday afternoon.”



“Over the past few days, a large number of out-of-town visitors have come to Keene for the Keene Pumpkin Festival. Subsequently, during the course of the evening on Friday, off-campus gatherings associated with the Keene Pumpkin Festival escalated at a number of locations around the city,” Kelly Ricaurte wrote in a statement provided to the Boston Globe.

“Incidents in the city, not on Keene State’s campus, subsided overnight but began to increase again by mid-afternoon on Saturday. One large assembly on Winchester Street drew multiple responses from Keene Police on Saturday afternoon.”

Witnesses said police deployed tear gas and pepper spray to disperse a large crowd on the Keene State University campus in New Hampshire Saturday afternoon.”

[Last night], Keene’s police department was lampooned on both the Colbert Report … and Late Night with Jon Oliver … after citing the town’s annual Pumpkin Fest as one reason it needed a surplus $286,000 armored vehicle from the Pentagon.

http://www.boston.com/news/local/new-hampshire/2014/10/18/swat-teams-reportedly-deploy-tear-gas-pepper-spray-against-keene-state-partiers/hkBfMD61s2KsPj5SaArPLI/story.html [link includes many short Instagram videos and still photos]

Charlie Bown

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX6xF3nydzg (1:22)

Dec 8 2012 – Keene, New Hampshire police receive a free Homeland Security Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck.

“I was in Keene this afternoon and met with our public safety officials and visited the medical tent and other volunteers,” wrote Gov. Maggie Hassan in a statement. “We will continue to monitor the situation and provide any assistance necessary to Keene.”

The annual Keene Pumpkin Festival is being held nearby. According to the school, the large number of visitors contributed to the incident.



[Hassan, the “Live Free or Die” link to the Clinton camp, is also closely linked to a major in-state and leading national political leadership incubator; her husband is the Principal at Phillips Exeter Academy which spawned (in alphabetical order) James Phinney Baxter, Willow Bay, L. Paul Bremer, George 41, George 43 and Jeb Bush, John Murray Forbes, Chris Hughes (co-founder of Facebook), John-John Kennedy, I. L. “Scooter” Libby, Vance McCormick, Scott Mead (former partner and managing director of Goldman Sachs), Barry McCaffrey, Marvin Minsky, Henry Stimson, William Davis Taylor (Boston Globe), Dick Wolf (producer of Law and Order), Phillip Wrigley of chewing gum fame, and Tachi Yamada, president of the Global Health Program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

[This fellow got thrown out.]






Now, it should be noted that the author of this blog has a good degree of fondness for Keene. As a student at the University of Massachusetts, I too stole a march upriver when my father refused permission for me and that lady who invited me to marry her to get married; state laws in the state that gave us Major General John Stark are a little more free. (Once could say liberal, but one would be making a mistake linking liberalism with New Hampshire, at least up until the great spillover from Taxachusetts.) We found ourselves a reverend at the pretty white Congregational church at the top of the common and the only music we had to face was the organist when we were requested to have a second Catholic ceremony by her parents.



I didn’t return to Keene until decades later, long after that marriage was history too; I went to see David Ray Griffin speak and got to ask him about the evil in that event with the planes and the towers.

I also got to meet a couple of Free Staters over after-speech pizza, one the publicist for the author of the Sacred NonAggression Principle ( the SNaP principle); I bought a copy for $5 and a promise to write a review of it.


Lew Rockwell from the Mises Institute referred to the city of Keene, New Hampshire as “the northern capital of libertarianism”.[38] 




But I don’t think the events in Keene had anything to do with FreeStaters, although the locals and some of the cops have been carefully dancing with legal confrontations over a number of ideas, including laws pertaining to firearms. New Hampshire laws are pretty free on that matter too.


Music video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nm4xv3firw (4:33)


The Keene Activity Center (KAC) is a place where (mostly) young libertarians and anarchists in Keene, New Hampshire congregate to talk philosophy, plan activism (including civil disobedience), and generally relax and socialize. Apparently the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been trying very, very hard to infiltrate the KAC, judging from this account of the arrest of one of the club’s members, Rich Paul, on marijuana charges.

Paul is going on trial for petty marijuana distribution offenses pursuant to testimony by an undercover FBI informant. It looks as if the trial is on state charges, but what’s interesting and disturbing is the interest the federal government has taken in the case. FBI agent Phillip Christiana apparently tried to pressure Paul into wearing a wire into the KAC and luring people into pot transactions, offering him immunity from prosecution in exchange. Follow the link to read more about how the FBI agent tried to coerce and trick Paul into waiving his right to counsel.

Here are some questions the FBI ought to answer, that is, if they were in any way accountable to those of us who are paying their salaries under duress:

1Why is the FBI taking such a keen interest in these small-scale marijuana offenses?

2Is the FBI targeting Keene libertarians, anarchists, and “voluntaryists” for their political views?

3Does the FBI countenance or authorize the deceptive and coercive interrogation tactics reportedly used by this agent?   ….”





I’m scratching the surface here, folks; there’s lots more on the world wide system of tubes. 

And there’s a history of similar events that will shed some light on this one. 

“… UMass Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy said in a statement Sunday it is “unequivocally clear that the University of Massachusetts Amherst condemns the outrageous behavior of those students who acted out without any regard for public safety and the community in which they live.”

The size and scope of the gatherings have led to violence and fights, injuries, severe alcohol intoxication, sexual assaults, excessive noise, property damage, and violence toward the police and community members, police said.

Most of the arrests came at an off-campus apartment complex, where large crowds began gathering Saturday morning for the annual event, which was started by bars to allow the students to celebrate the holiday before their spring break begins this week.

Police from the city, university and state troopers in riot gear converged on a crowd of about 4,000 people at an apartment complex shortly after noon, police said.

Authorities said there were acts of destruction of property and, as officers began to disperse the crowd, they were pelted with glass bottles, beer cans and snowballs.

After quieting the disturbance at the apartment complex, several thousand people assembled near a frat house. That gathering became dangerous and out of control, officials said, and when officers tried to clear the crowd they again faced people throwing bottles, rocks, cans and snowballs.

Police say pepper spray was used to disperse the crowd because of the size and “assaultive behavior.”

Three officers were hurt when they were hit by bottles and one was injured while attempting to make an arrest, Gundersen said. None of the injuries required serious treatment.

Police say charges ranged from inciting to riot and failing to disperse to disorderly conduct, liquor law violations and assault and battery on officers. They said early Sunday some of those arrested had been released on bail, while others were held, depending on charges.

The university had warned students earlier this week that police would have an increased presence around town Saturday, especially after several people were arrested at last year’s “Blarney Blowout.” Letters were also sent directly to students disciplined in the last year for alcohol-related misconduct.

Amherst Capt. Christopher Pronovost described the day as “mayhem” to the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

“This can’t be in any way, shape or form be characterized as a party,” he said. “This is destruction of property (and) assaultive behavior.”

Collecting bottles and cans around the scene of the mayhem Saturday night, Amherst resident Raul Colon told the Gazette that the day’s events looked like “a revolution, like in the countries that have revolutions between the students and the government.”….”

This was history, so there’s lots more about this and similar events inside your search engine.


See also 



I don’t see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there’s not a sign of hypocrisy. 


Orange you disappointed you missed it?


Note the linked article and the comments, an interesting discussion about the meaning of the Keene incident….


“… the size and force of this one was striking, and brings to mind the thought that America is moving towards increasingly anarchistic anger….”


From one of the comments:

“… This writer can aver with some confidence that the goings on in Keene, or anywhere else in New Hampshire, has little or no relevance to the real life struggles of the majority of Americans struggling to get by.”


What follows is a file of information on the topic of surveillance that was collected over the course of the last two weeks or so. 


Spies worry over ‘doomsday’ cache stashed by ex-NSA contractor Snowden 25 Nov 2013 British and U.S. intelligence officials say they are worried about a “doomsday” cache of highly classified, heavily encrypted material they believe former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has stored on a data cloud. The cache contains documents generated by the NSA and other agencies and includes names of U.S. and allied intelligence personnel, seven current and former U.S. officials and other sources briefed on the matter said. The data is protected with sophisticated encryption, and multiple passwords are needed to open it, said two of the sources, who like the others spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.

Report: NSA director offered resignation 25 Nov 2013 The National Security Agency’s director, Gen. Keith Alexander, offered to resign from his post shortly after Edward Snowden began leaking classified government documents, according to The Wall Street Journal. According to the report, the Obama administration rejected his offer. Snowden, a former NSA contractor, began disclosing documents detailing the agency’s surveillance programs in June.

@ http://www.legitgov.org/


23 November 2013NSA TreasureMap





A slice: 

The heart of the FBI’s signals intelligence activities is an obscure organization called the Data Intercept Technology Unit, or DITU (pronounced DEE-too). The handful of news articles that mentioned it prior to revelations of NSA surveillance this summer did so mostly in passing. It has barely been discussed in congressional testimony. An NSA PowerPoint presentation given to journalists by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden hints at DITU’s pivotal role in the NSA’s Prism system — it appears as a nondescript box on a flowchart showing how the NSA “task[s]” information to be collected, which is then gathered and delivered by the DITU.

But interviews with current and former law enforcement officials, as well as technology industry representatives, reveal that the unit is the FBI’s equivalent of the National Security Agency and the primary liaison between the spy agency and many of America’s most important technology companies, including Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Apple.”


DARPA’s iXo A.I. Control Grid: ‘The Official Version’





American government enabling of terrorists and gangsters: “Schneier tells Washington NSA broke Internet’s security for everyone”:

“At a presentation in a conference room inside the US Capitol on Friday, Schneier—who has been helping The Guardian review the trove of documents provided by Snowden—said that in its haste to “weaponize” the Internet, the NSA has broken its mechanisms of security. And those breaks—including the backdoors that the NSA convinced or coerced software developers to put into the implementations of their encryption and other security products, are so severe that it is now just a matter of time before others with less-noble causes than fighting terrorism will be able to exploit the holes the NSA has created.”

AT 11/20/2013 04:48:00 AM




NSA Boundless Informant explicated – for moar efficient flat databases of all yr phone records

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Just had to crosspost this relatively down-to-earth explanation of how all the cell phone data is hoarded in the NSA mass data mining system. What this lacks in documentation it makes up for with relative plausibility & general lack of fancifulness.

SOURCE: Cryptome.org : http://cryptome.org/2013/11/nsa-boundless-informant-explicated.htm


Private Firms Selling Mass Surveillance Systems Around World

November 19th, 2013

Via: Guardian:

Private firms are selling spying tools and mass surveillance technologies to developing countries with promises that “off the shelf” equipment will allow them to snoop on millions of emails, text messages and phone calls, according to a cache of documents published on Monday.

The papers show how firms, including dozens from Britain, tout the capabilities at private trade fairs aimed at offering nations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East the kind of powerful capabilities that are usually associated with government agencies such as GCHQ and its US counterpart, the National Security Agency.

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NSA Links to St Petersburg Florida Drug Ring

November 17th, 2013

Via: Mad Cow Morning News:

Skyway Global LLC, the St. Petersburg, FL company that owned the DC-9 airline busted in Mexico carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine, made its headquarters in a 79,000 sq ft building owned by Verint Systems (NASDAQ: VRNT), a foreign tele-communications company with a contract to wiretap the U.S. for the NSA through the communication lines of Verizon, which handles almost half of all landline and cell phone calls in the U.S.

Verint’s founder and CEO, Jacob “Kobi” Alexander, is a former Israeli intelligence officer who is today a fugitive from justice living in Namibia, where he has for several years been fighting extradition to the U.S.

On Verint’s Board of Directors is Lieutenant General Kenneth A. Minihan, former director of the NSA, which has led to speculation that the company today is a joint NSA-Mossad operation. 




Americans’ Personal Data Shared with CIA, IRS, Others in Security Probe

November 14th, 2013

Via: McClatchy:

U.S. agencies collected and shared the personal information of thousands of Americans in an attempt to root out untrustworthy federal workers that ended up scrutinizing people who had no direct ties to the U.S. government and simply had purchased certain books.

Federal officials gathered the information from the customer records of two men who were under criminal investigation for purportedly teaching people how to pass lie detector tests. The officials then distributed a list of 4,904 people – along with many of their Social Security numbers, addresses and professions – to nearly 30 federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service, the CIA, the National Security Agency and the Food and Drug Administration. Although the polygraph-beating techniques are unproven, authorities hoped to find government employees or applicants who might have tried to use them to lie during the tests required for security clearances. Officials with multiple agencies confirmed that they’d checked the names in their databases and planned to retain the list in case any of those named take polygraphs for federal jobs or criminal investigations.

It turned out, however, that many people on the list worked outside the federal government and lived across the country. Among the people whose personal details were collected were nurses, firefighters, police officers and private attorneys, McClatchy learned. Also included: a psychologist, a cancer researcher and employees of Rite Aid, Paramount Pictures, the American Red Cross and Georgetown University.

Moreover, many of them had only bought books or DVDs from one of the men being investigated and didn’t receive the one-on-one training that investigators had suspected. In one case, a Washington lawyer was listed even though he’d never contacted the instructors. Dozens of others had wanted to pass a polygraph not for a job, but for a personal reason: The test was demanded by spouses who suspected infidelity.

The unprecedented creation of such a list and decision to disseminate it widely demonstrate the ease with which the federal government can collect and share Americans’ personal information, even when there’s no clear reason for doing so.

The case comes to light amid revelations that the NSA, in an effort to track foreign terrorists, has for years been stockpiling the data of the daily telephone and Internet communications of tens of millions of ordinary Americans. Though nowhere near as massive as the NSA programs, the polygraph inquiry is another example of the federal government’s vast appetite for Americans’ personal information and the sweeping legal authority it wields in the name of national security.

“This is increasingly happening – data is being collected by the federal government for one use and then being entirely repurposed for other uses and shared,” said Fred Cate, an Indiana University-Bloomington law professor who specializes in information privacy and national security. “Yet there is no constitutional protection for sharing data within the government.”

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Las Vegas Installs “Intellistreets” Light Fixtures Capable Of Audio Recording




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Scared Silent: NSA Surveillance has ‘Chilling Effect’ on American Writers


Recent disclosures of the NSA‘s widespread dragnet program coupled with its frequent targeting of journalists are having a ‘chilling effect’ on American writers, stifling their freedom of expression at great detriment to society, says a new report Chilling Effects: NSA Surveillance Drives U.S. Writers to Self Censor.

Published Tuesday by the group PEN America—an organization of writers dedicated to advancing literature and promoting free speech for writers around the world—surveyed 520 American writers and found they are “not only overwhelmingly worried about government surveillance, but are engaging in self-censorship as a result.”

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640K ought to be enough for anyone. — Bill Gates, 1981 


November 11-12, 2013 — The NSA backdoor into the PLO’s encrypted communications

Although National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations about the agency’s “back doors” into encryption systems, along with the signals intelligence (SIGINT) sharing relationship between NSA and the Israel SIGINT National Unit or “Unit 8200,” recently grabbed headlines, the NSA-Israeli relationship has even older roots, according to a former U.S. intelligence agency source.

Long before NSA had the capability to decrypt encrypted communications, including that which relied on the RSA encryption system, through its BULLRUN program, NSA relied on earlier back doors installed in electro-mechanical Crypto AG encryption units manufactured in Switzerland. The UK Government Communications Headquarters’s (GCHQ) version of the BULLRUN back door program is code named EDGEHILL.

After the Palestine Liberation Organization was expelled from Lebanon in 1982 after Israeli forces invaded and occupied the country, the PLO re-established its headquarters in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. The government of then-Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba arranged for the PLO to use spare Crypto AG equipment that had been in use by the Tunisian government to encrypt its sensitive diplomatic and military communications.

The PLO not only used the Crypto AG equipment while it was headquartered in Tunis but continued to use it after relocating its headquarters to Ramallah on the West Bank in 1993 up until PLO president Yasir Arafat’s death in November 2004. A Swiss scientific examination of Arafat’s remains strongly indicates that the Palestinian leader was poisoned by radioactive polonium and Palestinian officials claim only Israel had the means and the access to Arafat’s compound in Ramallah to assassinate him by radioactive poisoning.

According to our source, NSA was able to decrypt and read all the PLO’s communications traffic during the 1980s and some of the SIGINT on the PLO was shared with Israel’s Unit 8200. On October 1, 1985, the Israelis launched Operation Wooden Leg, an air attack on PLO headquarters in Tunis. By reading the PLO’s classified traffic, the Israelis hoped to kill as many senior PLO leaders as possible. Sixty people, mostly PLO officials, were killed in the attack, but PLO chairman Yasir Arafat escaped assassination then by the Israelis.

NSA and Israel had back door access into Yasir Arafat’s encrypted communications from his Ramallah headquarters, providing Israel with the necessary sensitive information facilitating the assassination of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate in a radioactive polonium attack.

However, the Palestinian Authority’s continued use of the tampered Crypto AG equipment provided to it by Tunisia, gave the NSA and Israelis the back door access required to penetrate whatever classified internal security measures Arafat relied upon while he was trapped by the surrounding Israeli military forces in his Ramallah compound.

The editor broke the Crypto AG back door story in the late 1990s:

“The secret Crypto A.G. – NSA relationship remained relatively covert until March 1992 when Hans Buehler, Crypto A.G.’s Swiss marketing representative for Iran, was arrested in Teheran on his twenty-fifth sales trip and charged with espionage by the Iranian military counter-intelligence service. His Iranian captors accused the tall, fiftyish businessman and former radio officer in the Swiss merchant marine, of spying for the ‘intelligence services of the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States of America.’ Buehler denied all of the Iranian charges.

Buehler, who spent nine months blindfolded in solitary confinement in a Teheran prison  was questioned daily by his Iranian interrogators for five months. The Iranians claimed to know that Crypto A.G. was a ‘spy center’ and that the company worked together with foreign intelligence services. They also claimed that Crypto’s cipher machines were manipulated in some way to make it easy for them to be decrypted . . .

The Iranians, had, for some time, suspected a problem with their Crypto cipher units. Based on previous Libyan and Syrian suspicions concerning the security of their Crypto A.G. equipment, the Iranians had ample reason to believe that their units had somehow been rigged. Iran first became suspicious about their cipher units when it was reported, in 1987, that the NSA had intercepted coded Iranian diplomatic cables between Teheran and the Hezbollah (Party of God) terrorist group in Lebanon via Iran’s embassies in Beirut and Damascus. U.S. officials revealed that the intercepts yielded ‘conclusive evidence that Iran ordered the kidnapping’ of ABC News Beirut correspondent Charles Glass . . .

Some Crypto A.G. engineers contend that NSA prevailed on Crypto A.G. to sell their cipher machines to Iran not only because NSA wanted to be able to listen in on encrypted Iranian government communications but also because they viewed Crypto A.G. as a ready, willing, and very cooperative re-engineering ‘pass through.’  Pakistan was allegedly granted American military credits with only one provision, that it buy its encryption equipment from Crypto A.G.

One former Crypto A.G. chief engineer stated that he knew that the German and American SIGINT agencies were involved in manipulating Crypto cipher machines and that NSA used one of its major contractors, Motorola, to perform the actual technical alterations. He also said that he was personally involved in the manipulation process. Juerg Spoerndli, another former Crypto A.G. engineer who was responsible for designing encryption equipment, said that in the late 1970s he weakened the strength of his cipher units. He stated he was ‘ordered to change algorithms under mysterious circumstances.’

Spoerndli’s contentions are supported by American cryptographic experts. One former Racal cryptographer confided that such NSA manipulation of commercial encryption equipment is widespread, affecting not only Crypto A.G. gear but also that of his old firm, Racal. This should come as no surprise considering that firm’s close ties with GCHQ. The former Racal specialist claims that the NSA manipulation is very formal and consists of the following steps:

1. NSA schedules to have its personnel come to the site of the cryptographic company to conduct an inspection of new encryption equipment.

2. NSA cryptographic experts examine each cryptographic application including algorithms.

3. NSA approves each algorithm for use.

4. NSA technicians record encrypted sessions, including cryptographic key exchanges.

5. When NSA feels that it is able to decrypt the communications of the encryption unit in question, it permits export.

NSA ensures that its ‘tampered’ products receive favorable treatment in the granting of U.S. Foreign Military Sales to the armed services of other countries. According to the Racal engineer, the NSA forced U.S. contractors to use Crypto A.G. equipment in the Saudi Navy Expansion Program, giving NSA a back door into future Saudi encrypted naval communications.

From the German side, Siemens Defense Electronics Group also provided technical assistance for the machine manipulation process. In fact, Crypto A.G. has been called a ‘secret Siemens daughter’ by a previous director of the encryption firm. The manipulated cipher machines were apparently rigged so that when some 120 countries that were Crypto A.G. customers used them, the random encryption key could be automatically and clandestinely transmitted with the enciphered message.

The BND and NSA codebreakers then used the transmitted key to decrypt the message. In older, mechanical cipher machines an extra lever allows the secret key to be sent with the encrypted message. These messages were easily decrypted by NSA and BND. One previous Crypto A.G. employee contends that all developmental Crypto A.G. equipment had to be sent to the German Central Cipher Bureau (Zentralstelle für Chiffrierung [ZfCH]), now the Federal Information Security Agency (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik [BSI] which is also Department 62 of the BND) in Bad Godesburg near Bonn and NSA for approval . . .

The NSA and GCHQ were  cooperating in the secret Crypto A.G. manipulation program. Apparently, GCHQ was intercepting coded Egyptian traffic from Cairo’s embassy in London as early as 1958. It also turns out that the Egyptians were using Crypto A.G. cipher machines. GCHQ cryptanalysts in Cheltenham were able to detect new settings on ciphers at the Egyptian embassy in London through a process called ‘leading the machine. ENGULF was the code name assigned to the GCHQ special program that collected technical  cryptographic intelligence on cipher machines, including those of  Crypto A.G. NSA was still deciphering Egyptian government communications after President Anwar Sadat steered Egypt firmly into the western camp. During the transition between the Carter and Reagan administrations, outgoing CIA director Stansfield Turner told his successor, William Casey, that ‘the NSA had the Egyptian government wired electronically.’

GCHQ’s technical collection program benefited from the work of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service or MI6 in positioning listening equipment in key locations throughout GCHQ’s area of coverage, especially in the Middle East. SIS microwave wiretaps in Libya during the 1960s enabled GCHQ and NSA to listen in on all the telephone conversations of Libya’s King Idris. During the same time period., hidden microphones installed in China’s new embassy in Mogadishu, Somalia and the Soviet embassy in Khartoum,  Sudan, courtesy of less than attentive local security services in both countries, permitted the analysts at GCHQ and NSA to gauge the geopolitical intentions of both Communist countries in the volatile Middle East.

Aware that in the early 1980s the Irish government had purchased cipher equipment from Crypto A.G., the GCHQ began intercepting messages from the Irish embassy in London to the Foreign Ministry in Dublin. During sensitive bilateral negotiations that led to the signing of the Anglo-Irish Agreement in November 1985, GCHQ intercepted encrypted Irish government messages and passed the plaintext on to senior British officials in the Foreign Office, the Northern Ireland Office and No.10 Downing Street. The Irish government, being tipped off about the hole in their cryptographic security, began to send classified information between London and Dublin either by diplomatic courier or by Aer Lingus pilots . . .

The Swiss government apparently went along with the BND-NSA-Crypto A.G. manipulation operation so long as Crypto A.G. did not sell bugged units to Swiss government agencies. BND and NSA apparently agreed to this demand and Crypto received permission to sell ‘clean’ encryption units, for example, to the Swiss army.

The procedure by which NSA and their BND counterpart manipulated the Crypto cipher units is considered clever from an engineering viewpoint. The manipulated equipment automatically broadcasts to NSA and the BND the user’s cipher keys and computer settings within the encrypted text of the message. When they obtained the key settings, the NSA and BND could decrypt the message and read its contents. Although Crypto A.G. officially denied this, it seems to be a continuation of the original deal made between [NSA lead cryptographer William] Friedman and [Crypto AG founder Boris] Hagelin, Sr. in the 1950s.”



Big Brother’s New Crystal Ball: Washington Develops Online Data Mining Program to Predict Global Political Unrest

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By Cyril Mychalejko. Republished from Towards Freedom.



The Dark Road from the Clipper Chip to PRISM Reveals ‘Crypto Wars’ Never Ended 


Israel Pulling Strings of NSA Surveillance Program

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Snowden’s “Doomsday” Cache

November 26th, 2013Via: Reuters:

British and U.S. intelligence officials say they are worried about a “doomsday” cache of highly classified, heavily encrypted material they believe former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has stored on a data cloud.

The cache contains documents generated by the NSA and other agencies and includes names of U.S. and allied intelligence personnel, seven current and former U.S. officials and other sources briefed on the matter said.

The data is protected with sophisticated encryption, and multiple passwords are needed to open it, said two of the sources, who like the others spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.

The passwords are in the possession of at least three different people and are valid for only a brief time window each day, they said. The identities of persons who might have the passwords are unknown.

Spokespeople for both NSA and the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence declined to comment.

One source described the cache of still unpublished material as Snowden’s “insurance policy” against arrest or physical harm.

U.S. officials and other sources said only a small proportion of the classified material Snowden downloaded during stints as a contract systems administrator for NSA has been made public. Some Obama Administration officials have said privately that Snowden downloaded enough material to fuel two more years of news stories.

“The worst is yet to come,” said one former U.S. official who follows the investigation closely.