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running ahead

running ahead

Are we in what is known as a prodromal period? 

A prodrome is defined within the confines of medicine —  http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/prodrome  — and by extension disaster mitigation — as the early phases of the onset of a incident, event, attack or disease

In this case, I speak specifically of the advent of a “dirty bomb” incident, likely as a false flag of some sort.  

The signs and symptoms are: 

a radical uptick in the mention of such an event on the myriad of police/crime/homeland security oriented TV shows (count how many of them there are); 

the increasing number of drills being run on TV shows and perhaps in the real world; 

the increasing mention that security of nuclear installations (power plants, bomb-holding facilities and the like) gets, with the notable obvious inclusion of events and locales in Europe and especially in Belgium; 

the increasing mention that the “enemy du jour” — in this case ISIS/ISIL — wants to acquire nuclear materials for the creation of a “dirty bomb”; 

recent changes in the footing of military organizations’ abilities and structure; etc. 

An anonymous reader quotes a report from NBC News:

The brothers behind this week’s Brussels bombings also spied on a top nuclear researcher and hoped to build a so-called “dirty bomb,” an expert involved in a probe into ISIS threats told NBC News on Thursday. Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui were responsible for planting a hidden camera outside the Belgian researcher’s house, according to Claude Moniquet, a French former intelligence official who was hired to investigate potential plots targeting Europe’s nuclear sector. This camera produced more than 10 hours of film showing the comings and goings of senior researcher at a Belgian nuclear center and his family. “The terrorist cell … naively believed they could use him to penetrate a lab to obtain nuclear material to make a dirty bomb,” Moniquet, CEO of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center privacy consultancy said. The researcher worked at a center which stored a “significant portion of the world’s supply of radioisotopes,” according to the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit, nonpartisan investigative news organization in Washington, D.C. These isotopes are used in hospitals and factories around the world but can also be used to make a so-called “dirty bomb” — a device that could spread radioactive material across a wide area.


Keep in mind the patterns of attack and timing that have been prevalent in the past among the usual suspects/location for false flag eventuality; drills are an obvious sign, as are subtle or sudden evacuation of localities, shifts in business practices, and the like.  

Keep in mind that the most devastating impact of a dirty bomb is not the explosion, nor even the radiation, as awful and potentially deadly as they seem, but the economic impact and induction of chaos that must stem from the required extensive, expensive clean-up and their impact on the economy of the affected area.  

Keep in mind the use of such events for purposes of ‘punishment’, social engineering, or political herding. 

Keep in mind the political season we are in and the calendar of forthcoming political events. 

 Here are five mentions of the topic within the last week (note that a search at Google News using the phrase <dirty bomb> returned over 800,000 such items):







This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Dirty bomb article at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Dirty_bomb 

Last year, “Israel built and exploded so-called “dirty bombs,” explosives laced with nuclear material, to examine how such explosions would affect the country if it were to be attacked by the crude radioactive weapons….” 


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